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  1. BLAM! Talk about having something for the ‘57 Chevy! Great! Can we se a lineup? How do you differentiate al the ones?
  2. Great progress every one! Digging the collor combo on that Impala. Nice cage work!
  3. Ambisious project! As Noblng said, the meng kit is closer in size to what the JL (JLU) is. The wrangler grew allot from the TJ model you have to the JK body style that the Meng kit is of. And then from the JK the size remained but everything changet do the JL(JLU as your son have). The changes in between the JL and the JK are almost as big as between TJ and JK. Not many parts are the same just the overal "looks" of it as was the same with the TJ exept for the width change that hapened betwen TJ and JK. There is a thread on here some where about that kit, seems
  4. Good input on those ´57 chevy kits that are out there, and i will defenitly keep it in mind when i want to get a `57 since they are good looking cars. I can agree with all of you that any pice of plastic can be made into a great looking build if you got the skills and have the patience to work out the problems, I am not saying that the AMT kit mentioned have those, but some kits really need work and skill to make them look decent, and look good, even more so. I can get the autors point, if one is used to modern kits, its hard to work with an old kit that have been released in several vers
  5. That’s gonna be great! will be following!
  6. Nice to se one getting built! It’s a real pitty that both the AMT and the Revell kit is hard to build and need a lot of attention to be built and represent the 1:1. I will be following! Keep it up! Edit: dug my Revell out.. chassi is not to bad bent and sow on at least
  7. I am glad I could help 🙂 looking forward to seeing the build, please send me a pm with the link to the thread when you start it 🙂
  8. Found this thread as well! Great work on the truck as well! Really nice details on the hole lot!
  9. I don’t have any diagrams that google can’t supply you with. Basic principles, exhaust from engine to exhaust housing inlet with is the one coming out to the side on the back part. Exhaust outlet in the center rear. Air inlet in the front part center and outlet on the front side. From there to the engine intake, either direct or first through a intercooler. Then the turbo needs a pressure oil feed to the top from the engine, for example from the place where the oil pressure sender sits on top of the engine. And then a bigger gravity oil return to the oil pan. then you have two safety val
  10. Came out absolutley beautifull! Love everything about it! Those boddys are sexy!
  11. Thats cool! Understand the engine choise. How much power where the S20's making in fully build spec, have no info on those engines.
  12. Epic! Looks great!! Whatsapp chassis is that? Is that a resin body?
  13. This one you mean? https://www.ebay.com/itm/362868627264?hash=item547ca7d740:g:iN0AAOSwsgdeDNGB looks better than the Revell engines in my opinion. I could send a ‘99 truck engine with transmission and a ls6 intake. I have LS6 engines out of the C5 Z06 but I noticed that no one of them engines have belts or pulleys.
  14. I have almost what you are looking for but shipping is a pita to the US.
  15. I noticed afterwards that the revell issue of the SSR comes with a Vortec intake as the trucks have and not a LS2 intake. Se image.
  16. There ar not to manny kits with the LS7 since there were not many cars equipped with it. 2006–2013 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible 2014-2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 But any LS based engine have the same external design and what you would typically see in difference is the intake which most people switch out or replace between different LS based engines of the same era. Otherwise they look the “same” from 1997 corvette to today. Full-size truck engines have a totally different intake than others and also have a Steel “LS” block. Most common kit with
  17. Came out great! Looks realy sharp! Good work.
  18. Looks perfect to me! The smal imperfections are quickly forgotten and the result looks stunning! Great work!
  19. Interesting thread. I tend to be interested in building cars that are not stock I can enjoy a stock looking car but it does not tickle me to build one. I like most cars as long as they have or can have that extra to interest me, aperance, stance and attitude I guess is what I look for. I love American Iron, some 50’s models but mostly 60-‘20s muscle cars. I also love European and Japanese cars with the same criteria’s. I think I have ideas on almost al my kits for mods, body changes and definitely wheels. I believe any engine can be cool but it needs that interesting part 🙂 I am no b
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