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  1. Beautifull! A perfect RoadKill edition! Weaterhing looks spot on!
  2. Hi every one! I want to make a Malibu classic which share the interior with Monte Carlo, I have been looking for a donor kit for years now but they have become rare. Does any one have a kit and can be willing to take pictures straight on the parts, sides top view and also take the basic meassurements so i can try to replicate them in my CAD program so i can make a printable model? My old '77, sadly sold it in 2009 when i got my Camaro from the states.
  3. Yes tamiya ones usaly are 😃 I have a old one started by a friend of mine that are heading to the both for som collor when the time apears.
  4. Not the best pics but i just took some shots in the cabinet. Box stock exept for paint and decals. First build that i weathered this much.
  5. Made a filler panel for behind the rear seats and started filling the gaps. and these are the new seats. and i have noticed i have over exposed the parts o some might be printed again.
  6. Great progress as usual! to bad the frame went in the floor, but it seems that it was't to bad. Looking forward to your body updates!
  7. Turned out great! Stickers work is great! btw, what is the sponsor a Monster alco drink?
  8. Looks sharp! I need to look at my exposure, thats for sure, my tires does not get that crisp.
  9. I can imagine it have taken its time. I know your feeling. have been doing some files for my 1/16 chevy and also a new turbo settup for LS engines and allot of addons. And its time consuming, even when coming from that line of work. I have sold some files, but taken them down now, but I will likley not sell my latest files but I might give them to fellow builders on the forum.
  10. Sutch an incredible build! Great work on this one!! Details are so crisp and neatly done! Looks epic!
  11. Awesome details as allways Sergey. Great to se your progress!
  12. Nice build mate! Are you trading these files or are you selling them?
  13. Not yet my friend, the '96 Pro street Impala is seeing my attention at the moment. Thanks Dan! I will get back at it during next year. Thats also a neat idea! Hehe! As mentioned, the Pro Street Impala tickled my interest more at the moment.
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