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  1. A couple pics. The 46 and 54 wagon I still own. The 39 Pontiac I wish I never sold. All built at home. Thanks Bob
  2. Still right here in Ontario.
  3. Bob Purdy Currently still own & built - 1954 Chev 210 Wagon -- 1946 Ford two door sedan. I have built a 1/25 model of my 46.
  4. I just used a small dab of C.A. glue applied with a toothpick in several spots in the cove where the chrome molding would go and that worked for me. Also I buy the cheapo Dollar Store nail files, hold nail file down and rub the chrome piece back and forth over the file to remove the chrome plating on the backside for more secure hold. Bob
  5. Very very nice . A great save. Bob
  6. Sorry ,pics are not that great as it is pouring rain , so a couple of inside pics.
  7. I will try and get a couple more pics up later today, and yes I did put a mesh grill in the opening. Thanks for looking. Bob.
  8. A couple pics of a Dodge Ram VTS kit that I found at a second hand store for $1.99 Missing motor, glass and rims and tires. wheels are from the AMT 32 Ford coupe.
  9. Can anyone point me to place where I can download some properly sized ( 1/24 1/25 ) gauges, that I can simply print on decal paper and use. Thanks Bob
  10. Hey Randy, thanks so very much for posting up the neat links. Bob
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