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  1. Looking for just the "Mustang 427" decals from this kit, got plenty to trade. Thanks
  2. Gotta love some Mustang, I'll be following along, might help me get going on mine.
  3. The two sheets I got last week came directly from them.
  4. that they only ran out of stickers and had to use the Chrome stickers Would have saved a lot of confusion if they had just used a marker to label it. But, and this is my 2 cents worth, I think they were trying to pull one over to get rid of the stuff!! Anyhow, I will not purchase any more till its been fixed, I'll just continue to build stuff without chrome trim. Remember the 90's? Paint everything the same color!!
  5. Here is the box cover for Canned Heat, shows the rear wheels and slicks, along with the scoops. Cool stuff... I'm building my Outlaw without the Roth front piece and using a stock T radiator.. I may try and find some wheels like the CH has.
  6. Thanks Mark, I did notice on the instruction sheet drawing that the rear wheels looked to be some sorta mag wheel. Good stuff to know, Thanks again.
  7. I'm working on this kit and the instruction tell me that parts 47/47A and 50/50A are not used, they appear to be some type of carb air scoops. So my question is, has this sprue tree {it also has the trophy and displays parts} ever been released in another kit? Thanks
  8. Couldn't say for sure what the original use of BMF are, maybe something in the electronics field? but this MIGHT be close? But quite expensive. https://www.thomassci.com/Laboratory-Supplies/Sealing-Films/_/PlateSeal-QuickApply-Dispenser-with-Pre-Scored-Chemical-Resistant-Foil?q=Adhesive Foil
  9. So that is why the two sheets I just got from BMF feel thicker than I'm use to, stuff is a waste, and it sticks like you know what....guess it's time to learn how to use the pens or build stuff that doesn't require chrome trim be applied..
  10. I only tune in the TV when there are British comedies on.. Last of The Summer Wine is my all time favorite show...
  11. Mods, please delete post. Thanks
  12. Not a thing wrong with that yellow, decal colors work perfect with it..
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