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  1. Bob, to be completely honest, it looks like the coating they use for bed liners, I would strip and spray again using a wetter paint. https://www.micromark.com/Acrylicos-Vallejo-Airbrush-Flow-Improver-200-ml-6-76-liquid-oz This stuff really helps.
  2. See ya'll sometime around November.....just need a break...
  3. That is Jellybean looking the other way, Mercedes in the middle and Capri in my lap. They love to ride. Oh, they are Shi Tzu
  4. If your not wanting a specific MC, I can send you something that would work. PM me if I can help.
  5. Glad it worked out, Where did you get the resin hood? Looks like it might be for a 1/24 55!!??
  6. Yes, will get back shortly.. Mike, they are 1 1/4" tall and the tread is 5/8" wide...
  7. Think I would cut the scoop from the resin hood and graft it into the stock hood..
  8. I'm watching...looks very interesting. Here is some eye candy from my favorite you tube channel...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whxjknYDhfE United by Trucks....
  9. Thanks again everyone. Bill, are those tires on the GTX the ones from MPC/AMT?
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