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  1. Beautifully done! Very clean and sharp!
  2. My very first car, handed down from my grandparents, was exactly like the first image only with two more doors and two less cylinders! Got me from A to B!
  3. I agree 100% Dave. What an awesome build! Heck they’re all awesome but this one has got to be my favorite.
  4. Wow! Very nicely done! The detail is perfect! Very clean, very sharp!
  5. Fantastic work so far! Interior and engine are stunning! Very nice.
  6. Great looking project so far Steve! Your idea with the aluminum sheet pattern is perfect! Much better than using tape in my opinion. I wish I did that on my 4D Malibu build. I used tape and you have to have a very light touch on the first scribe with tape! Luckily it turned out.
  7. Very nice build! Paint looks great and the detail you did on the wheels really adds to it!
  8. Looking great so far! Interior, engine detail, and paint look really nice!
  9. Very nice work on all of them! I think the 50 Ford is my favorite of the bunch! This is perfectly normal, I have a shelf full of on going builds!
  10. Very true statement Dennis! I do that quite often. Leaving something sit for a while does give you a whole new perspective on what you are trying to create from the littlest details you can’t quite figure out how to scratch build to changing the whole direction of the build! I knew I wasn’t the only one that did this from time to time!
  11. Hi Rico, just checked out your grilles on Shapeways. Fantastic work! I am in the process of gathering parts to build a friends late fathers 77 Scottsdale. Funny, I was just about to start cutting the center out of the grill due to the truck having a hand made tube grill insert. Any chance you would make a tube grill insert for these Chevy/ GMC grills in the future? That would be awesome! IMHO!
  12. What an inspiring build you have going here Dennis! Your fab skills are impeccable! I’ve been dabbling in the hot rods a little more since my last 32 build and your details on this have my head spinning with creative ideas. Your suspension and exhaust details are fantastic! Just when I thought your build couldn’t get any better, you added the Flathead V8! Love it! Very nice work Sir! I will be eagerly watching your progress on this. Thanks for sharing! Now I just have to find some time to build myself!
  13. This is looking amazing! Nice work so far!
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