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  1. Giant Tarantula crushes power station , not much to say about it but it was fun detailing it out. Had it about 20 years and decided to give it a whirl. Mounted the back drop on plastic sheets. It measures out at 9.5x6x6.
  2. MPC put them in the the BedBuggy and MailTruck show rod kits
  3. Door handles came in today from Fireball and all I can say is "Quality". Packaging , careful shipping , price and the product are all top notch. Then add in I was notified my order was received , notified when it would go out and when it shipped.
  4. As long as the world stays on track, the 1st swaps start in September.....I can hardly wait, I need build-ups and see whats new from the resin guys.
  5. I saw Hobby Lobby had 40% off and free shipping for orders over $50, so I figured good deal. So I went on the site and my first few choices were out of stock, so I hit on a AMT DM800 Mack an R series Mack and the 67 Chevy 4 door "Supernatural" . My order came in today and when I opened the box.....not one kit was right. I got the AMT 007 Ford, AMT Autocar and Tyrone Malones drag truck. The pick order was in the box with my original kit choices and a card that said "Picked and Packed with pride by Huong". At least it was 2 trucks and 1 four door.🙃. Still was worth the price.
  6. Put the interior shell back together after narrowing and changed the Ford dash to look closer to the White 3000 dash and narrow to fit interior. Changed the tire wheel combo to a resin older style tire/wheel . I also decided on a flat bed style straight truck instead of a tractor. The flat bed base will be covered with wood planks and maybe make sides, this one will take awhile, plus I need to get 2 steer tires to match the rears, and since the chassis was from a glue bomb build I still have plenty of clean up..🙃
  7. I pin a lot of items when building resin or if I modify something, so pins on the handles are something I would applaud, but take what I can get.
  8. They do look super, speaking of super that 64 looks super. Nice work.
  9. I was on his website before I posted , but I do remember awhile back someone had entry handles in pewter. Fireball has the early GM style I'm after tho'.
  10. I sent an email to Fireball, just have not heard back yet . I know I need to buy at least 5 sets.
  11. Is there a source for 1:25th exterior door handles in pewter or resin?
  12. Completed this one with many boom mods and a little light weathering. Pretty much out of the box build ,very few parts box items.
  13. Starting this build today of J/F resin 50s or early 60s White cabover. I'm using a Ford C series cut down chassis and the closest interior is from the C series also. Had to narrow it some but I'm liking the fit. Engine looks like the problem now because of motor height , but I also said that about finding an interior
  14. Not a lot of work left except doing the details like black and chrome foil, some under the hood painting and then assembly. On the box it shows light weathering on the lower cab which I will do after the Cooter's decals are on. The kit come with side pipes but not sure on putting them on. Still have a small amount of boom lift work and put some control levers in the back.
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