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  1. Chassis done, body has last coat of clear on ,that makes 3 coats. Soon as that cures up I'm trying out Tamiya rubbing compounds. I've only used polishing cloth method before never used the coarse,fine and finish compounds. I think black is not going to be the color to test new waters on.🙃
  2. Body is done. I changed a few things with the hood sides and attached rear of hood corners to the firewall. Color is Tamiya semi-gloss then cleared. Now the wait for this to cure, so the interior and flathead up next. Mercury resin grille blended in fine with the help of evergreen strips on the sides.
  3. Had a trade with "slusher" . No muss no fuss just some old fashion honest horse trading, thanks Carl . Ken
  4. That's a fact...I'm not sure even what oddball scale it is. I used 1:25th tires and hub caps on this Toronado.
  5. Now I can say "Built that-Done that". The one thing that really baffles me is when models were all the rave in the 60s and 70s with Johan ,MPC , AMT , Revell and Monogram , this $1.75 price tag printed on the box was only slightly lower than the other manufacturers of that era.
  6. Building a Palmer kit is something you rarely built if you were spending your own money, and cringe if you got one as a gift when you were a kid. The picture on the box is what sucked you in .
  7. Didn't the Falcon come with a trailer?
  8. I filled the gaps on the body sides and repaired some blems from glued areas. Even tho' it does not make this kit correct, I added slightly bigger tires and some close enough hubcaps that are from the 65 Chevelle wagon. I think pretty soon it should look like a little version of the MPC Californian . This will never look close to stock so some kind of custom it will be. New on left, original on the right.
  9. These kits are sketchy on a good day but man thats some artwork. My only memory of building a Palmer or Premier kit was when I was a kid of 9 or 10 tops and on vacation with the family to my mothers sister in California. My mother picked up one of these kits molded in red with some grey parts and kind of looked like the car on the box. I rolled my eyes then and rolled them now , but I am going to build this one at age 66. I have a few in my collection of kits but this one had the body and interior painted in red. I let it soak in Castrol Super Clean for a week and its pretty clean so now just
  10. Thanks Carl, Both Taxis gone.
  11. I never saw this done as a street car. Cool idea .
  12. Open one gone, still have the sealed Taxi
  13. Opened but everything sealed inside and 100% complete. Has kit booklet on Barris Surf Woody and Display stand. Trade up for Revell 29 Model A Ford 2 n 1 or ?
  14. Looking to trade off 2 Revell Chevy Taxi/Fire chief models. 1) sealed 1) Open inside and out , complete and never started items still on trees. Kits from 1993. Looking for a Revell 29 Model A Ford 2 n 1 and or GTO Super Stocker . Or what do you have to trade ? Kits dont have to be sealed. Just not started. For these.................
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