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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention that this 64 tempest body was warped pretty good and worse the windshield frame was crushed on the driver side although nothing broke. All problems have been fixed using the above method..... and patience.
  2. I’m sure the subject of warped/ twisted bodies, windshield frames and frames has been discussed many times on here but I thought I’d take a moment to share my solution on here with everyone. If it’s been brought up before than I apologize in advance. Anyway here’s a few pics and brief explanation... FIRST..... you must be patient. It’s takes up to a couple months to conform depending on the plastic. I went out and bought a big tub of a basic lego set. I assemble the legos to form a solid,even base to clamp the part to. When I’m happy with the contact points I clamp the part to the buck. D
  3. Thanks David, to be honest I had painted it so long ago that I can’t remember what particular colors I had used. IIRC they are testors brand rattle cans. Nowadays I make notes of the builds on my instructions so I can remember later. Thanks Bob
  4. Well I did reach out to the vendor and this was his response .
  5. Thanks everyone for the responses and good advice. I’m going to reach out to the vendor . In all honesty I believe the vendor will make it right without any problems. They seem like good people. I’ll keep you posted. This thought absolutely ran through my brain. However as frustrating as it is, it is still the lesser of the evils because the way they are now would drive me crazy EVERY time I looked at the model.
  6. Hello all, As the title says I’m unhappy with the results of chroming that was done. First, I’m not going to say who had done the work as I don’t want to turn this into a bashing session on the vendor. Let me explain a little. I’ve sent many racks out to this place and a majority of the time no big issues although the second to last order came back with some mild discoloration and what looks like dust in the chrome but overall I was still happy. This last order I got back was definitely worse than the last. I’ve included some pics but they don’t really do it much justice. The discoloration ( k
  7. It’s all good, it went through. I pm’d you back
  8. I’ve got that kit. I believe it’s still sealed but I’ll have to check it to be sure. I wasn’t really planning on trading it however I also don’t have plans to build it. I guess I’d be willing to trade with you. Pm me with what you have to trade and we can work something out
  9. Guys..... this would be great ! Ed, I’ve purchased quite a few pieces from you and each one was absolutely beautiful with high quality. On top of it your customer service was outstanding as well. Steve, I absolutely love watching your builds and your attention to detail, skill and gorgeous finished product really drives me to make each model better than the last. If you two guys collaborate I only see great things ! Put me down for 2 sets lol.
  10. Hello all, I’m looking for the parts from the Johan 69 GTX circled in the pic. Except the taillights which I don’t need. I believe the johan road runner bumpers are the same so they would also work. I can’t seem to find anyone doing repops . Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have stuff to trade.
  11. I know exactly what your saying. Too many times I’ve spent time mastering a part that I never copied and wish I had done so ( ie my Dick Landy hemi oil pan with the pass through). With that being said it is not that I didn’t try my hand at casting my own. It’s just that the results weren’t up to any acceptable level in my opinion. I know practice makes perfect but I just don’t have the need to cast often enough. The beautiful job and hard work you have done on the 68 interior to me is a perfect example that deserves to be cast. If I did have the skills I would’ve gladly cast it for you. Hopefu
  12. Randy, to be honest from reading through what everyone has posted already there seems to be many good ideas. My first thought was like what some have posted already, get the stuff into kids hands and put a smile on their face as well as possibly keep future generations interested in what is such a great hobby. I’m also sure that there is stuff in your stash that many of us would be interested in but how to choose who and what I suppose could be tricky. I also understand your sentiments on the troubles of selling. At the end of the day go with your heart and trust your instincts and the st
  13. Awesome Idea!!! That should look great. Are you keeping both humps and seating positions or are you going to make it a mono with driver only?
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