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  1. Looks great. You're right, these Revell snap trucks do build up well.
  2. I would be extremely pleased with that build too. Nice smooth paint, beautiful work work all around. I really like that first pic with the sun shining through the haze. Looks like the sky over Denver this morning.
  3. Turned out great. I have 3 of these in my pile, hoping to get started on one soon.
  4. Came out nice. That is some good foil work there.
  5. Very nice. I actually saw a dune buggy flying down the road yesterday. I have a couple of these in the pile that I'll get around to one of these days, or years.....
  6. You did that kit justice. Beautiful work there.
  7. That turned out nice. I might have to pick one of these up.
  8. Looks good all nice and dirty. I have one of these in the pile. I'll get to it one of these days, or maybe years.
  9. I would be happy with that build. Can't go wrong with silver and blue. Nice job all around.
  10. That's thinking outside the box. Great job.
  11. That came out great. I have always found dark colors easier to paint whether on a model or 1:1. With darker colors it's easier to see the shine come up than with lighter colors.
  12. I stopped at the nearest Hobby Lobby today, I always go straight back to the clearance corner. Found a couple cans of Model Master sublime lacquer then saw this paint rack for only $15. Couldn't leave it behind for that cheap. It's in good shape, just needs a good cleaning. I was almost shocked that was no bubble gum stuck to the bottom of the shelves. A good find, just gotta make room for it. Had some spendin' money so went to Hobby town and picked up a couple kits and some tires. I noticed they were down to only one of that 400F. Been wanting it for a while so figured I bett
  13. I stopped in my local Hobbytown Friday, they had the Revell paint stocked up in a shiny new rack. I picked up a couple tins and a can of Steel acrylic spray bomb. I'll give it the spoon test next time I get out the airbrush. I wonder if it's relabeled Humbrol paint. Can't wait to try it.
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