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  1. I collect vintage Auto World catalogs, usually I find them on eBay. But the other day, a friend had been cleaning out his father's house (his father passed away) and was going through stacks of old magazines. And there was an original AW 1959 catalog in perfect condition!
  2. I have the same problems and all of the suggestions I see here are good ones. I now use toothpicks to paint white lettering on tires, using water based white paint. I use both Sharpie markers and Sharpie paint pens, each has it's own purpose. A Sharpie marker over a chrome surface is a great replication of a 1:1 red or amber light. If not chrome, paint the light silver with an extra fine point Sharpie paint pen, allow to dry a day or so, then use a Sharpie marker. My old hands won't let me use brushes anymore for some jobs. About those Sharpie paint pens and Testor's paint pens, they get
  3. Actually, I was correct and you are wrong. I owned a 1:1 '68 Chevy pickup and a '71 one, MPC got it right as I stated, AMT did not. I built several of each, so I do know. And thank you for proving my point about the AMT kits and admitting that you don't have the MPC version, thus you wouldn't know why I said no new tooling was needed. Also, for those extra details you want, that is up to the skilled modeler to accomplish. You can not expect a kit maker to cater to every desire. It is EXTREMELY expensive to create new tooling today, and sales will be low production anyway. The same model
  4. Sometimes I listen to baseball games on the radio while building models. Since our local team is the Pittsburgh Pirates and the usual outcome is that they will lose the game, I am not distracted at all. This is not to say that I don't love the Pirates and love baseball, but when you live in an area where your favorite team can't afford to get the higher paid players, you get used to accepting defeat. On the plus side, at least the food has improved at PNC Park where the Pirates play when at home. They finally replaced those dried up and shriveled hot dogs and sponge like fries with delic
  5. Yes, the Flintstones was based on the Honeymooners, totally. Loud mouth Fred was Ralph Kramden and Barney was Ed Norton. Hanna-Barbera Productions even admitted that when threatened with a lawsuit. Jackie Gleason wasn't happy about The Flintstones and considered suing. Gleason's publicist apparently asked him if he wanted to be known as the man who killed Fred Flintstone. He decided he didn't want to be and didn't sue.
  6. Since the '67-'72 Chevy pickup kits from MPC were dead on accurate, it would make no sense at all for anyone to spend huge amounts of money to make new tooling unless those old molds are too worn to be used again. MPC really nailed it, the body was sharp and crisp with details, so was the interior. But the chassis was one piece lacking details though, but at least the MPC version had the more realistic single exhaust while the AMT version had dual exhausts. Replacing that one piece chassis is easy enough by using a Revell-Monogram Chevy truck chassis and converting it to 4WD is easy as w
  7. What pleased me today was that when I woke up, my arthritis was taking a break from the usual severe stiffness and pain. Before it could change it's mind, I skipped shaving and showering and went downstairs and worked on a few model kits, doing the small parts and details that I'd planned not to do. I got about three hours before old man arthritis kicked back in and stopped me. That's okay, at least I proved to myself that I could still do what I used to be able to do.
  8. That's happened to me as I got older and as my collection grew. I began to forget just exactly what I already had.
  9. Very creative and a fantastic way to improve on them. There are so many diecasts out there with so much possibility, even entry level Motormax ones as well.
  10. I remember that, the Buicks with the Chevy rally wheels and Buick center caps.
  11. Growing up in the '60's, all families we knew had only one TV set in the house, in the living room. Almost all were B&W in my middle class neighborhood, most moms were full time moms and most fathers where I lived were blue collar workers. What that meant for Saturday mornings was that my father slept in late, he was a long haul trucker and had to get out of bed on weekdays at around 5 AM. Mom always slept in with him, it was my parent's day off. There were five of us kids and we'd all huddle close together and close to the 19 inch B&W TV set so as to keep the volume low when wat
  12. BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful Buick model, I love it.
  13. Cool, thanks for the info. I knew most of that already, but some was new to me, always glad to get new info. Now, if we only get Round2 to stop labeling old MPC kits as AMT kits as I said before. It appears they've taken steps to do that.
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