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  1. Dupli-Color: BGM0509 Dark Cherry Met. (94 WA9088) UPC is 26916 71423 I picked it up at O'Reilly's I never have liked my chassis being body color. It can be a different shade of the body color or something completely different. The grey here is Krylon Short Cuts Matte Grey, the same color is on the interior I just hit it with some satin clear. No worries, Even if they are the same color I'm sure they will still be different. Different takes on the same theme, works for me!!! Rog😁
  2. I haven't done anything in the last few weeks, hoping to get use of my hand soon. I am working on a load but it's just going to be regular and not use the extension. Rog😁
  3. I don't know if the shortages are real or manufactured, but they do exist. The company I work for (steel tubing) gets their raw materials as steel coil. They are having trouble getting certain grades, especially stainless. The company next door (plastic molding, auto headlights) has laid-off half of their work force and the other half is working 3 days one week and 4 the next. Can't get raw materials. A plastic molding company here in town, I haven't seen any cars in it's parking lot for at least 3 weeks. My nephew is an engineer at Honda in Greensburg. He said their havin
  4. Right click on the page. There should be a translate option in the pop-up box. Rog😁
  5. This is much appreciated!! With my pending surgery I doubt I would have made the mark. Thanks Rog😁
  6. Quick update: The chassis is ready to add the peripherals'. The interior is basically ready to install. I also have the body parts in color. I don't have any pics of it finished but i have attached a couple of in progress pics. The cart is the 16" x 30" two shelf service cart from Harbor Freight. The air compressor and blower mount on the lower shelf. It has two 4" outlets in a sealed plenum behind the filter, plumbed into a 4" DC bilge blower (185 CFM), then it will exhaust out the window. I set it up to add a second blower if the one isn't en
  7. I picked up the three small kits at Columbus IN HL last Thursday (40% off). Was in Indy on Saturday and was able to get to the HT on 82nd street (first time in this one). Didn't have much time to look around but it looked to be pretty good. Picked up the mixer there. Rog😁
  8. I have just been plugging away. The trailer is in paint and after I do the wood it will be ready for final assembly. The chassis is ready for final assembly. I have also been working on getting the interior ready to install. Haven't decided completely on the body color, also waiting on decals, parts and pieces. I will be having surgery on my right wrist in a few weeks so I'm trying to get as much done as possible before then. Rog😁
  9. I am looking to order some PE Marker Lights. Everything at Moluminum shows out of stock Everything at Modelmakershop shows out of stock. I could use CTM or SpotModel But I hesitate because of shipping cost and time!! Is there any other domestic company that carries these or similar items? Thanks Rog😁
  10. Update: A couple of fairly warm and dry days has really helped. I have the frame, suspension pieces and interior parts in primer and color. I didn't realize until today that the gray paint I bought was matte, will probably hit them with some satin or semi-gloss clear. I have the major cab pieces in primer, just need to work the seams a little. I ran out of primer so painting is done until I can stock up. I also got started with clean-up and sub assemblies on the trailer. I need to get some items ordered paint, parts, decals etc. That's all for now. Thanks
  11. My recent purchases. Bought the Kenworth 2 weeks ago at HL - 40% off Bought the Freightliner, trailer and rod yesterday at HL - 40% off Rog😁
  12. I was in the local HL (Columbus, IN) yesterday and the model kits where 40% off but the paint was not on sale. Rog😁
  13. Update: I have the engine & frame mostly done, working on assembling the cab and still just overall clean-up of parts. Not being able to paint outside has been a pain, I did the quick in & out to get the tan on the engine and 2 weeks later it is still tacky. I have also brush painted some MM and it doesn't want to set-up either?😕 Observations 1. I don't know what the Italeri instructions were like but the AMT ones are terrible. 2. Not a big fan of the multipiece bodies. 3. Old broke down fingers and fragile parts don't mix!! 4. Winter sucks!!!!!
  14. Thanks guys!! I always forget about the google machine. Rog😁
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