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  1. Thats okay , Mike. I'm just doing this wip to keep a record of the build for myself in the future, if I want to go back to see how I did something. Thanks for your interest in the build.
  2. I had to go to the parts box and use a low rider tire and wheel from a 65 Chevy lowrider kit I made into a Nascar Impala. By rule the car has to have a spare tire. Apparently it doesn't have to be the same size as the tires on the rest of the car. There is not much room in the improvised trunk they had on these Grand Sports. I'm thinking they might have used a usac sprint car front tire and wheel as the spare. It sure looks a lot like it. Just a guess on my part.
  3. Great idea for the mufflers. I will have to remember that if I ever build a car with mufflers that aren't correct in the kit.
  4. Headers look great. You can use plastic tubing for collectors. Just sand down the area between the tubes on the collectors, Then make a cone to add to the end of the collector to narrow them down to one pipe.
  5. They all look excellent but tell me more about the one with no numbers or graphics of any kind.. Is that a build in progress?
  6. Mike, Get you some evergreen tube and put some wire in it . it will allow you to bend it wih less chance of breaking it and will also make it keep its shape instead of just tryin g to return when you let go of the bend. Hobby Lobby is now selling evergreen styrene ,tubes, strips, sheets and other shapes. Wallow out the end of the tube with a #11 blade to make the tube more thin walled to model real aluminum or steel tubing.
  7. Looking great, Mike. Like how your upgrading the chassis. The body looks ready for paint. I will stay tuned.
  8. Thanks, Pierre. It was fun but the hard part will be getting the body to mate to the interior. Nothing fits on this kit. You were smart to use the Revell kit for your beautiful 63 Junior Johnson build. Thanks again.
  9. Wow, Mike. Really turned out Awesome. I was trying to picture in my mind what it looked like from our discussions, since we are using the same kit, and It looks much better then anything I could imagine. The metallic paint came out great and the cleanliness of build is super too. Really great build from a very challenging kit that nothing seems to fit right on. A build to be proud of.
  10. The interior is done. Parts of it are attached to the body and will mate with the interior in the final assembly. The black knob in the middle of the dash is the washers for the windshield. It might be some kind of manual pump kind of deal. Not really sure. All the items on the middle dash had little labels made from one of those dial up label makers they had back in the day telling what each item was for. The two guages were temperature guages. One for the engine oil and one for the differential oil. needless to say, I could not model the little black lab
  11. Excellent build. Do you have any details about the paint used and the decals and anything else I forgot to mention. Again, a very beautiful, flawless build.
  12. Pierre, check your private messages about the body.
  13. Thanks, guys. Like I said somewhere else, they are just something quick to fill up the seat. I'm sure p.e. stuff would look a lot better. Pierre the interior paint is Vallejo. I mixed 5 silver drops with 3 dark blue drops. then of couse i mixed in 8 drops of medium thinner. It really came out pretty close to the real color which i will post at the end. I'm going to try to find a small box today to put my index cards in with the paint info I derive from mixing paints like you showed in your tutorial.
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