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  1. Wow, Mike. Turned out Awesome. I'm especially blown away with the paint job. So smooth , so flawless. Everything else is top shelf too. I know you said you had a lot of issues with the build, but looking at the finished product, they are not evident at all. Love the way it sits with the humongous rear tires. A truly special model indeed. Looking forward to your next project.
  2. I'm on my way over there if I can find it. Looking forward to it.
  3. The rear tires I found for this build were the right diameter but .040 inches too narrow. So I need to widen them. The pictures below shows the process. The last picture shows a wheel with half round strip added to the spokes. It should make the wheels look more unified.
  4. Thanks guys I just need to round the spokes a little. They shouldn't be flat when you look at them. Might need to add some half round strips to them. Might be easier then trying to round them with a sanding stick. Hopefully make them look more cohesive, as well.
  5. Got the wheels pretty much finished. Just wanted to put some gray surface primer on them to make the final adjustments on them. The top left one was the first one I did, so it will need the most adjustment to it. First one is always the roughest.
  6. No sweat, Mike. This one is going to turn out excellent. Just like all the rest of your builds.
  7. Thanks, Gerald. I got one of the wheels drilled out between the spokes . At first I was just going to paint that area black, but I think it looks a lot better with the plastic removed between the spokes.
  8. Thanks, guys. I think when I get them completely finished , painted , tires mounted, and on the model, They should look okay. Now I need to drill out the area between the spokes.
  9. Thanks, Trevor. Yes, I really enjoy doing it. Started on the 4th wheel today. When I get them finished, I will move on to the back of the model ,where I will have to make a tailight panel, some tailights, a rear bumper, and a rear spoiler.
  10. The resins I found were 1/24 scale and finding a sunbeam tiger kit or a 73 mustang kit would be near to impossible and costly. Anyhoo, here are some more pics. I have some more sanding and adjusting to make them look more alike. I just like making parts more then finding parts to buy that may or may not work on the build i'm doing. The wheels on the Grand Sport I did turned out pretty good, so I'm hoping these will be passable.
  11. Thanks, Gerald. when they are totally finished and painted I think they will get by. Better then just slapping some 5 spoke mags on it.
  12. the spokes are filled with putty and then shaped like wedges to make the wheels look more like the real wheel that was used on the subject of this build. i know the wheels wont be exactly the same but I think they will work.
  13. Using PPP 1964 Holman & Moody wheels to make the wheels I need for this one. The front wheels need to be narrowed and the back tires need to be widened.
  14. Thanks guys. I started on the wheels and I think i will be able to transform them into something close enough to work.
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