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  1. Is the chassis the same old original torsion bar/leaf spring suspension or same old revised a-arm/truck arm suspension? Also, does anyone know when Petty switched from Hemi to big block wedge in Chargers?
  2. As Bruce explained this is for a dry sump oil system common to NASCAR. However, if you don't want to mess with the plumbing or finding space for the oil tank you can just eliminate it and call it a wet sump oiling system. From the instructions, the oil pan looks like it might be deep enough to pass as a wet sump or you can swap out an oil pan from a street based small block Chevy.
  3. On his website, Peter Brock said that all of the Daytona Coupes were slightly different from one another. I just noticed in the photo above that the windshield wipers of the #16 car go in the opposite direction of those on the #13. I don't know if this is due to a difference in stop positions or the blades themselves. The pivot points look about in the same place, though. BTW, I am really enjoying this thread. Keep the good work coming. The Daytona Coupe has been my favorite care ever since I bought a K&B 1/24 slot car (on sale no less) somewhere between 1966 and 1968. Yes, I still
  4. While I was looking for parts for my Cannonball ruse build, I noticed the box art of the model shows a Vee drive in the Hemi Hydro.
  5. Yes, that. After I thought on it the photo I saw with two shafts was in a Top Fuel drag boat with counter rotating props.
  6. One option might be a Casle inboard boat V-drive like the '38 Chevy pickup with the Jacobs aircraft radial engine or Hurst Hemi Under Glass. I forgot where I saw it, but I remember seeing a V-drive with a second driveshaft going forward for 4 wheel drive. Oops, maybe it is '38 Plymouth P/U.
  7. Sorry if this is getting off topic, but following the exhaust pipes on the GT40 "bundle of snakes" shows pipes from both cylinder banks routed to the same collector. Are these also 180 degree headers?
  8. Rather than a chop to get the roofs to line up have you thought about going the other way for an Olds Vista Cruiser sort of look? I thought that when I saw your initial roof photos.
  9. I would like to join in with this ’41 Willys. As luck would have it, I got my new Hot Rod today and there was a short article about a ’41 Willys with Art Morrison coil over chassis and 2015 Corvette LS3. That isn’t exactly the way I was going, but the limited photos in the article may provide some inspiration. I have a couple other ideas for a more Interstate friendly suspension. I plan on keeping the 392 hemi and automatic, but converting the intake over to either a stack or barrel EFI. If time and skill permit, I may try to make some type of coil on or near plug conversion with either a
  10. Another suggestion, if you don't mind is when you install the gauge faces rotate them as needed so that at normal operating conditions the needles would point straight up. The theory being a quick glance would tell a driver or co-driver during a special stage that something was Abby normal if a needle was not pointing up.
  11. Yes, if I remember correctly, the rally ran down that way in April 1976.
  12. That is outstanding. It is interesting looking at the technology for the day.
  13. I am asking this just in case my original idea disappears faster than my brother-in-law when the dinner check arrives. I have two Corvair issues, but without the spiffy Yenko box art that Snake posted. Now that he let the cat out of the bag, would I be able to use his box art if I went this way. Here are my boxes along with a Corvair rally car as a replica to a friend's that he ran out of Flagstaff in the mid '70s. The photo of the actual car shows it before the Pro Rally door number panels. BTW Snake, I like your Corv8 plan so the reason I got the second (& third) Corvairs was for th
  14. I am thinking about doing this as a first community build but was wondering how much of the original race car kit would need to remain. For example, if one where to start with a John Mazmania Willy's gasser could it be converted to a coil over front end? That straight axle would be brutal on the Interstate, let alone back country two lane.
  15. Sorry, both articles are from "Road & Track"
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