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  1. My late dad's 1968 Dodge Coronet station wagon that he used as his daily driver to work and it hauled assorted items for him. The body was rusty but the 318 keep plugging away.
  2. I've tried to upload images of my builds but no such luck. My computer seems a bit cranky. However, every one of your respective builds look great and thanks for sharing them.
  3. I have the figure from the 75 Dart. PM me.
  4. It does. In fact, it's one of the kits that's slated for release this year. It's been a sought after kit for years until Atlantis took ownership of the tooling for it that was among the batch that it bought back in 2018 from the new owners of Revell.
  5. In my collection of 50 plus cars, the crown jewels are, 1) 1960 Ford pickup truck AMT 2) 1962 Dodge Dart 4 Dr. Revell 3) 1961 Mercury Monterey AMT 4) 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood 4 Dr. Johan 5) 1966 Dodge Monaco 2 Dr and a convertible MPC
  6. Awesome job. BTW, are the stock car kits that Savlino puts out from the Monogram tooling? Some look very familiar to me.
  7. Welcome aboard Craig. A great crew here and your cars are real sharp looking. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  8. I've seen some of those kits as well on E Bay and with prices that are very well though the roof. I'm guessing that with Modelhaus closed for good, some E Bay vendors who are selling Modelhaus products are bound to engage in price gouging. Greed doesn't fly with some.
  9. All of your respective builds look fantastic guys. Thanks for sharing them.
  10. Chicken parmesan dinner with ziti pasta and tomato sauce and chocolate cake for desert. I'm still stuffed but it was good. A place down the street from me made it. I'm not exactly a chef.
  11. All look great. What would be the best donor kit for the Cougar BTW?
  12. Took me a while to view all of the photos of the build and I'm totally blown away by your work Francis. And a belated welcome to the forum. A great crew here.
  13. As soon as Atlantis gives the green light for pre orders next month, I'll get the 1/32 Nova and Camaro. My painting skills aren't what they used to be so I'll built them straight out of the box.
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