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  1. 9 hours ago, michelle said:

    thank you 
    yeah is kits are great i to have 6 more of his 3d printable model file kits i have yet to even print a 70 chrysler 300, a 69 buick skylark, a 72  ford maverick grabber, a 71 mercury comet, a 83 ford thunderbird and a 67 mercury cougar 
    i have printed 2 of his 70 plymouth valiants this one and one i built factory stock Aand have printed 3 of his dodge charger daytona ev which i modifed each to production  versions of 2024 dodge charger daytona rt and 2024 dodge charger daytona scat pack and 2025 dodge charger six pack i6 twin turbo  and have printed 2 of his 2024 dark horse mustangs one i built as a dark horse and one i am currently building as the 2025 60th anniversary editon mustang and 2  of his ford mustang mach-e one i built as a gt and one i am currently building as a rally 

    That is awesome! Great work!

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