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  1. I luv that pro street mustang!! was that ever re-released? Anyone have one?
  2. go look at the atlantis thread for more info.
  3. thanks, I want to use the alcohol to remove Tamiya lacquer. I've used scalecoat with no problems, but it's running out.
  4. old thread but question, if you are using 91% alcohol to remove lacquer paint, do you soak the body in alcohol and if so for how long?
  5. Here is my review from IPMS website, not the easiest build, maybe 24th scale in the future. https://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/1941-packard-clipper-us-army
  6. Mrc see photo, comes with 4 indy profile mickey thompson tires (2 big 2 little) on the super bee. 4 polyglas L60-15. Also 15 cragars all deep dish. I've had this around for years,
  7. Using mrc mickey thompson tires, mrc deep dish cragars, and donated front cragars from the dart kit. Either tamiya Brit green or racing blue. Which color do you like?
  8. that body looks pretty nice.
  9. The 67 revell charger has a nice pair of shallow cragar s/s. I'm matching them with mrc deep set cragars. I've got an extra of the mrc cragars if you want to trade, thanks Steve.
  10. Like the Riv in the driveway also!!
  11. Nice job on this oldie, I just completed the tempest.
  12. Cobra colors velocity yellow lacquer, alclad chrome for the wheels and grill, alclad silver base for tank, bumper and stacks.
  13. Thanks, I think I should have left the windshield and hood off, looks better as a altered coupe.
  14. Done after hanging around for ? years. Don't make the mistake a lot of AMS guys like me do to try to improve the kit and scratch build lots of stuff ( I have a scratch built chassis somewhere). It's a Nostalgia build with a capital N. Instead the road out of purgatory was to build it OOB, KISS! The good about this kit: nice SB engine (Chevy?), nice body (I made new front window frame and side drip rails), very nice bucket seat with engraved belt details, injector stacks (unfortunately the sprue gate is at the fluted section of each stack so prepare to sand and sand) and those great rear
  15. very nice, is that the new version ?
  16. I'm going to do a build review of this kit for the ipms website. Can't wait to get it!
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