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  1. Tamiya Red (X-7) with a semigloss black for the bottom and engine bay. But then last night I mussed it up by masking the window trim off before it had fully cured....so into the magic dip it went and will be respraying in a few days. Same colors but will be more patient on cure time and then use a clear coat before applying any masking.
  2. Making some progress on the body...
  3. Tamiya SkyBlue Anodized Aluminum (PS-49) over a base of Tamiya Bare Metal Silver (AS-12) with a generous layer of Tamiya Clear (TS-13). Why the blue? Well Buddy Repperton was a bully and probably insecure and not very smart. Most likely he bought the base model Camaro from a little old lady who liked the blue color really cheap. Remember, this is not a Z/28, SS or RS model. And he then probably tried to compensate by putting in the 396 (hence the alternator on the wrong side for a true 1967 Camaro), turbine rims and the stripes. Easy things to do to make it look tougher/cooler that i
  4. Building Revell's 1967 Camaro SS out as Buddy Repperton's ill-fated ride from the movie Christine. This will involving eliminating the SS related items as his car was not an SS (or a Z/28 or the RS with the hideaway headlights). To do this I found a standard hood to replace the kits hood with the vents. Also have a Z/28 grill coming to replace the kit's grill with the very prominent SS emblem. I will use photo etch to get the correct grill emblem. Interior was build stock with the addition of flocking for carpet and a photo etch steering wheel. Although Buddy's car did not have an en
  5. Paint job awaiting clear coat. And the 429 Cobra Jet.
  6. Thanks for the responses...I have tried Tamiya Clear TS-13 in the spray can before and it ate the paint. I don't recall if it was acrylic or enamel unfortunately, but it was bad. Is that the same Tamiya Clear you are all referring to? Got some spoons drying now for some testing....
  7. Looking for recommendations for a good clear coat to go over a Tamiya acrylic red. Thanks!
  8. Making progress. Engine bay build out waiting for final touches. Used the bay from an old '70 Boss 429 kit I had and added scratch built braces. The 429 CJ engine is waiting to go in -- got it out of a '70 Ford Torino kit. Will use a couple of other detail items from the Torino kit as well. Also opened the hood intakes and filled in the cowl vent. Next to Mach 1 is a 1967 Camaro with 396 that is also a WIP. This will be Buddy Repperton's Camaro from the movie Christine, before Christine destroyed it.
  9. Fist completed build of 2021! Finished up Dick Tracy's 1936 Ford. Built to match the 1990 Dick Tracy movie car and be a counter part to my prior build of Breathless Mahoney's 1935 Auburn Speedster. Interior color matches the movie car (dark green). Engine color was inspired by the comic book colors throughout the movie. Enhancements were minimal and include plug wires and dual wiper blades. The lower body platform (wheel wells and side running boards) were warped out of the box so had to do some straightening. Some alignment issues remain but at least it sits with all 4 wheels on the gr
  10. Interior build nearly complete . Still looking for the correct two spoke steering wheel. Added flocking for carpet, a hurst shifter, door locks and photo etch window cranks. Was considering the grab handles on the door panels but could get the look I wanted.
  11. Nearly completed with the AMT 1936 Ford from the 1990 Dick Tracy movie. Interior colors here are to match the movie car. Engine color is to go along with the comic book color scheme present throughout the movie. Plug wires/distributor were my own custom add on. Just finishing up the details on the body. This will be a nice counterpart to the Breathless Mahoney Auburn Speedster I built previously. Photos coming soon to the Under Glass section....
  12. Thanks for the comments! I finished this build a few months ago. Search the underglass section for 1984 Mustang GT posted on 11/8/2020 under my name. Some better photos there.
  13. Neat article, thanks for posting! Not promising mine will look exactly like this but I will try. Anyone have the correct two spoke steering wheel (or a close match) for a 429 CJ engine for sale?
  14. Wow, what a miserable kit this is! Looking to build the Mustang Mach 1 with 429 Cobra Jet engine as used in James Bond Diamonds are Forever. (Yes, I know several cars were used with different engines and such, but the 429 CJ is the coolest). Anyway, the newly released "007" kit last year by AMT is just a repackaging of the old kits. They did update the front end and have the correct wheel covers and decals, but that's all. Thin brittle red plastic, inaccurate details and parts, and TONS of flash and mold lines to clean up. So, not happy with the inconsistencies from the movie car
  15. To the flocking question, it was simply a gray flocking that was purchased through ETSY.
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