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  1. Thanks Bill. Good to know that's the only issue you had. Chances are I'll be swapping the wheels on mine, as it comes with funky little alloys that will be handy for another project, and I'm used to messing around with spacers etc. I'll try one or two 'sacrificial' decals to see if they work OK before I commit to proceeding with it as the full-on food van - my version is quite a few years old.
  2. Nice work on both of them Craig. Good get these things out of their boxes and onto the shelf!
  3. Looks really good, nice to see it built as a simple box van. I have one of the food vendor versions, not looking forward to all the decal work.....
  4. Really nice build of something that I imagine is a bit of a rarity (both as a kit and at 1:1). I'd be very happy to have that on my shelf.
  5. I missed this at the weekend, very pleased to see it completed Roger - it looks fantastic. So sharp, the finished result gives no hint as to the bodywork mod's you had to undertake.
  6. Looks great Tom, the 2-tone colour treatment suits it very well. I see no issue with it being curbside, you did enough work as it is!
  7. That looks fantastic, nicely done! The colour looks great and it sits perfectly.
  8. I finished one of the Street Machine issues last year and got mementarily confused by the lack of wipers, now I know why they're missing. Never got around to finding any for it. No complaints from me about how it went together. Can't comment about the engine as I put an LT5 in mine. The only issue I had was through my own ineptitude, when I polished through the paint in several places and had to give it several more coats - as I now appreciate, a C2 Corvette has quite a complex bodyshape with lots of high points.....
  9. Looks really good Gareth, great detailing work on the front grille and interior.
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words! Halfords grey primer, Halfords matt black as base, Tamiya TS-94, Halfords clearcoat. All from cans, I don't have an airbrush. The Halfords paint is intended for automotive repairs and I believe it's an acrylic, it seems to be compatible with the Tamiya. All sprayed as multiple thin coats. I wet-sanded after the primer and matt black coats, but I left the TS-94 as it came out of the can. The clearcoat was polished with Micromesh sheets from 3600 down to 12000 grade, and then I gave it a resin polish. I never get a super-smooth finish out of
  11. Nice one, finished result looks good. Do these have as much detail as the Porsche 356 Enthusiast kits? It's certainly more detailed than Tamiya's snap-fix version of the 911 Speedster.
  12. Nicely done. I saw the wheels on your WIP thread and thought they were an interesting choice, making a change from the usual wires or Rostyles.
  13. Nicely done, that colour looks great in the sunshine.
  14. Thanks Alex, Tom and David. Finished it today, now Under Glass: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/161960-fujimi-1970-nissan-skyline-gt-r/
  15. Finished this one today, a fairly simple but nicely detailed and well-proportioned curbside kit that I bought for £11.99 back in 1992/93. WIP thread here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/161532-1970-nissan-skyline-gt-r-by-fujimi/ Built pretty much OOB but with some shaving of badges and rear wing deleted, side windows sawn out, lowered about scale 75m/3", Star Formula wheels and Pirelli tyres accessory set by Fujimi, larger exhaust tailpipe from another Fujimi accesory pack (all the better to hear that 24-valve, triple-carb straight-six howl!), front brake discs and finned
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