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  1. Nice work on that one Gareth, just as I'd imagine it should look from seeing all those '70s American films and TV shows! If this is the same kit as the Joker Goon Car then I built one some years ago, went together nicely as I recall and it still looks good on the shelf. Mine was done as a matt black hi-po rat/stealth car. Still got another one to do someday, and the Force 440 coupe version. Thinking of doing one of them as a stock passenger car.
  2. Alan, that's remarkable! Really nice job you've done there, I remember those WIP shots......
  3. I've been through the last couple of months without doing anything to my various builds. We decided to move house, so getting our place ready to market and look at new places took up a lot of time. Fingers crossed we now have somewhere to go to, and buyers lined-up for ours, so the move should happen late summer/early autumn. The new place has an indoor study/studio room, and the garage is joined to the house, so I can build and get access access the stash without having to go for a walk down to the end of the garden and sit in a cold shed. As we haven't exhanged contracts we're not yet a
  4. Great to see the Laurel C31 kit is still available. I 'need' to get one or two of those someday. Great selection of wheels too. I've been avoiding buying anything more, due to a forthcoming house move, but I couldn't resist when a firend on a 1:1 car forum put a nice selection up for sale. I ended up with these: The Heller kit is missing the figures, but I was only interested in the tools. The two small kits are odd, the Dyane 6 is just the box with the remnants of a Citroen CX inside. The Renault is complete, and very toy-like. The bodyshell is in two halves with a join front-t
  5. Great to see others making progress or completing their builds. I've taken a bit of break from the models because of 1:1 life, but great weather last weekend and some spare time saw me get the colour and clear onto my Nissan Leopard on Skyline GT-R floorpan: The engine is fitted in these shots, I have no issues with clearance (the front of an R32 is lower, if anything I need to add material to the inner wings to fill the gap). I've since polished it up, with good results. Rather than the stealth black/beater look I'm trying to hide the performance of this one in pl
  6. Nice one Luke, great to see it finished.
  7. Great job on this one Gareth! Looks spot-on. I vaguely started my DoH version with flush rear window some years ago, but didn't progress beyond mocking-up with larger wheels as I was thinking of a pro-touring look.
  8. Has your move happened yet Pierre, and if so how did it go? When I first read this thread I found it interesting and I related it back to my own experiences. Since then it's become very relevant, as all being well we've sold our house and we'll be moving, so I'm going to have to pack everything up. In our case it's a bit odd, as the new place is less than half a mile/just over 0.5km down the road! Unfortunately we won't have access to it until our house has sold, so I'm planning to rent some local storage space, taking the kits there myself (along with a few thousand car magazines an
  9. How about the wheels from this Monogram 280Z? Might be worth trying to find some slightly taller tyres for a period look. I used them as they were on this Roadster: Edit: I think there was a Lotus Esprit kit that also had 4-stud slotmags.
  10. That's truly wonderful Chang, you must be very proud of it. I could never contemplate owning one, but it's always a treat to see a 1:1 DS in the metal. They're one of the few older cars that my wife likes.
  11. Thanks for the continued interest and comments! Regrettably I've had to put this and my other WIPs to one side for the moment as we're concentrating on a potential house move. Thanks, and I have the same Matchbox car! Not from back in the day, I was a touch too old by the time it came out, but as a more recent purchase. The mug dates back to the '80s, my grandparents had a set at their house for all four grandchildren. I think the 2-door Sport may only have been available here in orange? That's the only colour I remember them in as well. Thank you, and good to know
  12. Really nice job on that one Roger.
  13. I was pleased to see this in a local town centre car park yesterday: 1974 Vauxhall Victor, this one with the slightly odd combination of smaller 1800 engine and auto 'box. I like the styling of these, a definite family resemblance to early '70s American GM cars. There are other versions with alternative, more attractive headlamps, Rostyle wheels etc. I'd very happily have one with a small block V8, which was done to a few back in the day. Great to see such an original example amongst the everyday modern cars.
  14. Great to see this one is still progressing! The dash looks really good.
  15. I don't much like masking, so when I'm feeling sufficiently confident I just do it with brush-painted enamel. My preferred colour is Revell #9 Anthracite, which has a more rubbery look than straight black I try and get the edges more-or-less right on the first go, and may add a bit of second coat if necessary. My preference is to apply it after I've polished and waxed the paintwork. If the edge needs a bit of tidying then I gently scrape it back with a blade. I'm not attempting to build contest winners, it works for me. If I do feel the need to mask them then I prefer to use BMF rath
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