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  1. Looks real good, I guess I'm gonna have to give it a try. Thanks.
  2. Very nice looking Chris. If I may ask, did you use the paint over foil method on the emblems?
  3. Looks great Danny. Is it just me, but if I didn't know what kind of car that is, it kinda looks like a Nova??
  4. Beautiful paint job and color Lee👍
  5. That is waaaay too cool Ken!!👍
  6. Ya done good there Michelle, keep 'em rollin"👌
  7. Looks cool but not even close to what I am building. But thanks for the picture Bob.
  8. Cool, patina and rust in all the right places👍
  9. Wow, what cool stuff Rex. Your Dad was one of the lucky guys to live to fly another day in a Fortress what with the tremendous loss of life on B-17 missions.
  10. Very nice Marauder Helmut, the Galaxy nice too👍
  11. Nothing wrong with the color Chaz, very nice gold👍
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