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  1. I've asked two different HL store managers what if anything they are bringing in to replace the Model Master line. Both said they didn't know. I don't see Tamiya being a choice - at least around here Tamiya products have been replaced with Mr. hobby stuff. I bought all the paint & styrene/K&S racks when a local HobbyTown went out of business. The paint rack was a tremendous dust collector. Ended up giving it away. Kept the Plastruct and K&S racks tho.
  2. You "assumed" I was referring to WIP section as you cited your own builds"(or lack thereof)" as an example. Either way I'm "done" with the topic.
  3. I never go into the WIP section of the forum, so not sure how you can surmise that's what I'm talking about. My free time is limited due to hectic work schedules, if I want to look at unfinished projects I have my own pile to look at!
  4. Looking forward to the Galaxie/Falcon kit and the Cornbinder cabover. Seems like lately I've been building 1 kit then buy 2 more to fill the hole in the stash. It's fun.
  5. I seldom post questions, due to having the found good info that has been posted in the past and no reason to reinvent the wheel with a new thread. I like the ones that dig up a 10 yr old thread with no responses in years to post one photo, then it drops back down to the bottom with no responses a second time.
  6. The Zephyrhills ,FL HL discounted their paints a couple months ago & grabbed 25+ cans as I posted here. I was in Clearwater, FL a few weeks later and that HL was marking down the Model Master as I was standing there watching them do it. I asked the guy what they were bringing in to replace MM, he didn't know. I ended up grabbing another 26 cans of spray @$1.57/ea and left quite a bit for someone else. The 2 local HL's by my house still haven't marked down any paint. I could always use a couple more cans.
  7. Looks like a few projects I've brought back from the scrap pile! Lots of times repro sheet metal doesn't have the same compound curves, bows, etc as OEM stuff, so I can certainly applaud his effort to save as much original metal as possible. I'll be following this, thanks for posting it!
  8. This '29 Model A Pickup. I was 12 & used the truck to haul stuff around the property. Thought I was hot stuff getting paid to drive at 12! When I turned 16 I took my driver's test in a '55 Ford Tudor that I had bought. The examiner was amazed that a 16 yr old kid in the 90s knew how to handle column shift!
  9. I've been into 55& 56 Fords for years. This was the first real show I've been to in a while, unfortunately seems like the shows are looking more like used car lots than the actual good stuff. Just my opinion!
  10. I mostly stick with Ford products, 53-67 Corvettes, 50s & 60s cars and trucks of all makes, any station wagon, Model A Fords both stock & modified. Have been dipping my toes into the heavy truck kits lately as well.
  11. Looks great! Did those valve covers come with the kit?
  12. I'm still going to buy one regardless . I'll likely fill the insert and change the firewall around. That firewall just kills the looks. They should've left the cowl band off and not molded it onto the body. Of course the Monogram kit has the same issue with the firewall.
  13. Like others have said, they sure messed up on that body. In addition to the firewall and wrong top insert, the visor is too long. The Monogram coupe body has it's shortcomings as well, but they pale in comparison to the Revell body.
  14. I haven't tried the sprays, but recently tried some Revell acrylic paint in the little square pots and am very pleased with them. I'll have to grab some of the spray next time I'm at the LHS.
  15. For me it's the '56 Ford, especially the hardtop. Of course I'm biased as I've owned/own a bunch of them over the years....
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