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  1. Amazing work Greg, it’s coming together. Steve
  2. Hi Bob, I like the reference photos. Black trim with grey looks cool, or maybe a few coats of smoke on the chrome... I haven’t built the kit from the box. I have used portions of the chassis on one build, the body went a low detail resin chassis as a slammer build. It’s an older kit that will likely require some extra cleanup, but they are great looking cars. Cheers, Steve
  3. Forgot to mention the front grill is perfect. I never liked the kits custom grill options either. Your version looks spot on to me.
  4. Dennis!! Very nice mods to “modernize” the 60’s custom treatment. I have this kit and have pondered which route to take, custom, or classic, you’ve made that decision easy. This looks really cool and super smooth with the tweaks you made. Can’t wait to see it in paint, speaking of which....colour? Great to see you tackle something from the 50’s, how about something from the 60’s next? Pleeeeeease. Cheers, Steve
  5. Here’s a twist from one of my previous builds, I was quite pleased with how it turned out. Metallic red with flat clear.
  6. Beautiful build Teijo, that colour is perfect! I saw a 1:1 hot rod in an almost identical colour a few years back, I still plan on trying to replicate the colour on a future build. Thanks for sharing. Steve
  7. Thanks for posting this Patrick, Steve’s work is absolutely beautiful. Steve
  8. Hi Roger, wheels look outstanding! The whole thing looks great. Cheers, Steve
  9. Steve, your work is absolutely amazing. Your builds have inspired me, especially with more attention to interior details. I’ll never build at your level, but my builds have benefited from yourself and others on this forum. Thanks for sharing. Oh... I would love to see you do a full rip pro touring car, you know, just to be different.... Awesome to see your builds in print in the magazines, as the others said, very much deserved sir. Cheers, Steve
  10. Wow! Nice work Bob. I can relate to the angst over those first cuts of a rare and valuable kit. What a cool build this will be to replicate the family car. I’ll be watching. Cheers, Steve
  11. Very nice build. Great colour choices and beautifully detailed. Cheers, Steve
  12. Coming along very nicely ! Those taillights do look very nicely detailed and real. Love the colour choices and added detail, stance is perfect. Cheers, Steve
  13. Stunning paint Jim !! Should look killer cleared and polished.
  14. Really like where this is going Tom. That green is sweet. I did a curb side ‘66 in Bahama blue with the tinted chrome and think it looks great. I’ll be following. Cheers, Steve
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