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  1. Never again will I forget about the body in the plastic bag with a bunch of the below stripper for about 36 hours.
  2. Bit of a thread revival here. (tends to happen when I am searching for something specific and end up going down a rabbit hole) Having just gotten back into car models after years of military armor and artillery (try an early zvezda armor model kit to see what flash can truly be) I don't have the history of fighting my way through some of the older kits. I will say having just started the AMT/ERTL 1969 Mustang, I have some serious issues. The interior tub and some of the components are all from 66 and there is a serious lack of engine compartment and that is just from my ini
  3. Part of a series I did with one mustang from each generation. I ended up taking the most pictures of this one.
  4. Looking for a 1/25 scale 1969 F100 grill for the Moebius kit.
  5. I use this site: http://platesmania.com/us/informer Lets you pick the state and add whatever text you want. Has a good selection of the various plates available for each state as well.
  6. Very true. I'm not even sure who or when the whole generation idea came into play and what prompted the end of one and begining of another other than later generations being somewhat drastic changes. Such as the mustang II in 74.
  7. Exactly. The early 70s completely changed the body style. Not to mention the several changes up to that point or the internal changes.
  8. Decided I wanted to create a display of one ford mustang from each of the six generations. (It is true that body styles changed within generation years but that is a future project...) I am trying to keep with the appropriate color blue (I am doing them all in blue) for the year so each will have a slightly different blue. Working on a Generation 5 (2006) currently. So far I have discovered two things: 1) Generation 2 (1974-1978) models are harder to find than any other. 2) Generation 6 (2015-present) only has snaptite models....will have to research if another year u
  9. As opposed to paint, or glue. HAHAHAHA. (laughter means sarcasm was meant humorously)
  10. Because without experimentation and innovation you wouldn't have had a wheel to begin with and I don't mind getting my hands dirty.
  11. If you want to use an alternative to felt... I am using dryer sheets. They are thinner than felt but need to be painted.
  12. Here is an update on my dryer sheet as carpet experimentation. I have attached the most recent examples. The closer up one shows it glued in place but not trimmed or painted. The other picture is after painting. You can see the difference in the "carpeted" sections and the center area where the seats will go. I will post another picture once I get the center console and front seats in.
  13. First jump back into modelling and change over from 1/35 military to 1/25 autos This was pretty much my test dummy for anything I could come up with ….Figured I would do it up in classic 80s style, from the Iron Maiden seat covers, to the diy hood scoop and addition of micky D's bag and giant cassette holder. Not perfect but lots of lessons learned. .
  14. That looks great! I am going to have to research that. I actually think I have some embossing powder in the house. That is what comes from so much hobby jumping.
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