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  1. Hey ya'll, got a project coming up and I'm looking for a 80s pro stock engine thst would have been in WJ's car. I know the Frank Iaoconio kit has a good one, but if anyone knows where I could find one closer to what WJ ran that would be greatly appericated!
  2. Here are a few other pics I have. The first 3 were from Willie's Facebook page and were taken before the 84 Winternationals. The final pic was from I believe an IHRA event at Rockingham.
  3. Sorry to hear about the clear coat. Though every strike down is another reason to build back stronger, I believe the project will come out better. Also the perfectionist in me saw the Oldsmobile rocket decal by the door line was upside down. Here is a pic of WJ's car in the shop as a reference. Look forward to seeing the finished product!
  4. Book comes out March 2021 and you can preorder it on Amazon. I hope to pick up a copy when it comes out!
  5. Final update for this. Had slight trouble with decals, but it came out pretty good. My friend had a karting race up at Englishtown, NJ so we walked over to the drag strip and took some on site photos. Though WJ didn't perform too well in the 84 Summernationals its a treat to see the car on track. I plan on making WJ's 83 Cutlass and try to make his 85 Calais sometime soon. Hope ya'll enjoyed the journey!
  6. Be sure to keep me posted on that GeeDub. In terms of progress lots have been completed. Chasiss is complete, hood is cut out for the carbs, body is painted (hand painted due to not having an air brush, but will get that soon), and tail lights and headlights were glued on. Windows and decals are up next.
  7. Thanls for the advice SSNJim. Huge update incoming. Roll cage is finished and was able to get the hood bulge flatten by cutting out the old one, and using the roof of the Chevy. Engine and the radiator were also installed. Next order of business is rear axle and wheelie bars.
  8. Thanks all for sticking around. Been working on it on and off with the storms rolling through. Roll chage gave me trouble, however I got it sorted out (with the help of my dad) to make the bar follow the A-post better. The second photo is a comparrision between the old and modified bars. Next order of business is to get the top part of the roll cage and than install the engine and rear axle. Also need some help on one thing. How would I be able to remove the hood bulge? I don't think I there is enough plastic there to shave it down. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, I am 16 years old and working on my first ever custom model. Been working on this for about a month now, just found this forum last week, and wanted to share my progress. I'm using the 1983 Revell Hurst/Olds for the body and windows, the 1984 Frank Iaconio Pro Stock Chevy for everything else, and Slixx's Warren Johnson Silver Hurst Olds decal sheet, 70s/80s wrinkle wall slicks, 70's crager F/C supertricks wheels, and the drop snout snorkel hood scoop. I have also widened the rear wheel wells to make them more accurate. However I made the mistake of buying a 1/24 pro stock kit a
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