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  1. Well, guys, the plastic work is over. And now about everything in order. I prepared a dashboard and all attachments. Big plastic things, cast with a steering column, sawed down to nowhere, from the found wire he made what looks more like the original. Further, the body, then of course Revell put a pig on it. The front and rear bumpers were wider than the body itself. I had to get out of the situation with improvised means. Processed and assembled the interior, made door lock spindles. Well, eve
  2. Why engine on '67 not wired?😐
  3. Good evening friends. Time to start new build. We take out the already opened rare boxes from the stash. 10th generation T-Bird, aka Thunderbird. Slightly modified, modernized for the needs of the very beginning of the 90s, similar to the 1987 I just finished. The box is exactly the same size as the last one from Monogram. But here the 25th scale already appears. Although, for me, the same thing, it is not clear at all why all these Revellogram games should be produced under different companies, essentially similar whales, possibly cast on the same molds. Anyway. Go ah
  4. don't worry, all right😉. I am always happy to answer questions.
  5. It just slid off as I rotated the model for photography.
  6. I don't quite understand what you mean)
  7. Great car, it's a pity they don't release it as an model kit. =(
  8. Friends, I present to you my latest work. Interior paints: Tamiya + Pacific88 acrylics. Undercarriage: Acrylics + LP Tamiya. Body: Acrylic Akan. Varnish: 2k zero colors. As for the varnish, I want to note that it is not always necessary to blindly instructions for packaging, because the last times I did not like how the varnish is applied and polished. When I used to take 2k varnish for bottling (single portion), I diluted it liquid-liquid and everything was ok. So I did this time too. I spread zero 2 times more than the instructions advise.
  9. It's calling done! A couple of photos for a start. I will try to take pictures on the street on the weekend. Wait for them in the Under Glass topic.
  10. I know it's, but I did everything a little my way, little custom. Because modeling is creativity.😉
  11. Good evening everyone. Finished off, the interior. As a result, it turned out a little not what I wanted and not what in reality, but because all these nuances are visible only now, and after the final assembly they will be practically invisible, did not begin to alter. And completed undercarriage.
  12. Good evening friends. It's time to upgrade. All parts are primed. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph painted in primary colors. Assembled wheels. And assembled the "heart" of the iron bird.
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