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  1. Not much to update, as work has kept me stupid busy lately. But got some parts from Trailer Trash Kustomz again, gives an idea of where I'm going with this. 3D printed air suspension, and resin 6.1 Hemi instead of the V10.
  2. Made some actual mount points for the bed, cab is next. Found these wheels in my parts stash, I believe from a Jada toys S10 I once had. Narrowed the fronts, and I think I'll stick with these.
  3. Not much progress lately. Work keeping me busy. Got the bed floor permanently in place, need to fill the gaps between wheelers and besides. Also got some bed supports fabbed up.
  4. It's sidetracked a bit. I'll get back to it soon.
  5. I believe it is 1/8" x 1/4" rectangular stock. It might be a little bulky, but I'm gonna run with it.
  6. Let's see if I can keep my motivation up on this one. I've never done this level of scratchbuilding. Started with a Dodge Little Red Express kit. Lost the decals long ago, and don't really care for the stepside bed. Got a Styleside/smoothside bed from Trailer Trash Customs. Decided I was going to try my hand at building a frame, as I want this truck to be laid out. Here's where I am so far. Thinking a V10 from the Revell Sidewinder kit.
  7. It'll probably be further off the back. I just put it on where it would stay.
  8. Had a little downtime from work. Extended the front subframe to correct the wheelbase. Also fabbed a rear wing up.
  9. Got to spend a little time at the bench today. Too many other projects. Cut the floor out of the interior bucket to drop the body over the pan a bit more. Might remove a bit more. Think I need to lengthen the front subframe a bit, to center the front wheels. Looks like it'll place them too far back. Also leaning towards modifying this wing for it. Cutting the stock wing down doesn't do it for me. As a "pro-street" car, ideally it would have to be streetable, including a functional trunk lid. A cut down factory spoiler wouldn't allow for that. Plus, I'm digging how sleek it looks without it.
  10. Salvaging this from the scrap yard. One of the few remaining kits I have left from childhood. Built this box stock, originally in '92-'93. Time has not been kind to it. Couldn't trash it though, so what to do? Pro-street, yes? Kitbashing an AMT Coronet Pro Street chassis from the parts box, and possibly a DOHC Hemi. I think it looks neat without the wing, but wouldn't be a Superbird without it. Have to remake one of the wing uprights, as it broke on disassembly. Scratchbuilding has not been my forte, so this should be interesting.
  11. Neat idea. Looking forward to the finished product.
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