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  1. Great work on a iconic model. Love the choice of paint and appreciate sharing the steps. It's a skill that most of modellers don't have - ability to lay down many layers of paint without creating "ripple effect" around panel lines. Also those extra touches such as door handles and PE wipers really helped elevating otherwise basic model.
  2. I asked and he said he uses Hasegawa mirror finish. Definitely harder to cut than BMF as it has vinyl like texture but the end result can be pretty amazing. Thank you. Really appreciate it! Ebbro kits are very expensive but I'd say it's well worth the extra price! Thanks a lot!
  3. It seems that all the extra details you added really paid off - it looks great and I would've never guessed it's an MPC kit if you didn't mention it. Great job and what a fantastic looking charger!
  4. Thanks! It's a plastic kit. Yes. One day I'll build DS19 as well! Thank you! It's relatively expensive but available on most of Japanese hobby sites. I got mine from Plaza Japan. Thank you! Thanks a lot! It's definitely one of the better ones I've built! Thank you! I couldn't think of better colour to mimic. It's more brownish than real paint code in natural light. Thanks! I agree - it wouldn't be my go to choice to own one, but I love seeing one! Thank you! I love all things 70s and 80s. It's pretty expensive
  5. Thank you! Thanks a lot! Thanks! Thank you! Thank you so much! Adding another layer (with more thinner) of clear coat helped getting nicer surface to work from. Far from it! I realized clear on top of silver is much more prone to chip vs. regular metallic paint on primer. There were a few spots I needed to touch up. Thank you! Thank you! It's one of my favourite colours on the GT. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi all, I finally finished Ebbro 1/24 DS21 Pallas - it’s a fairly new release from Ebbro and it’s a fantastically engineered kit with working doors and full engine and suspension details. I built this one completely box straight - DS was available with many beautiful colours but I thought DS21’s Brun Scarabée is pretty iconic, so I laid Mr Color’s GX109 clear brown on top of chrome silver to simulate that. As for the interior, I used mix of Tamiya acrylic red, yellow, brown and tan to simulate brown interior and carpet, then laid semi-gloss clear on top of all leather trims to
  7. Fantastic build! Seeing your completed build makes me wanna start one.
  8. Great looking caddy! Love all the details. Looking forward seeing your next build!
  9. Thank you! Thank you! It was fun matching all the details to my friend's car. Thank you! The new macro lens really helped. Thank you! Thank you! There are still bunch of details that I could've done better.. maybe next time Thank you! Thanks! I'm very happy with Mr Color's clear metallic lacquers. He bought it about 2-3 years ago, so it could be the same car? Thank you! This time I added another layer of clear (added much more thinner) and increased the drying time. I'm pretty happy with the improvements!
  10. Hi folks, My good friend has 70’ MGB GT and I’ve wanted to make a replica of his car in 1/24 scale (early grille with damask red and black rostyle wheels) Luckily C1 Models recently release GT transkit for Aoshima MGB kit, and I got the project going. Build details: Prepped body with 600 and 1500 sandpaper and removed sink mark on the roof Applied Tamiya grey surfacer then wet sanded with 1500 grit Airbrushed base coat with Mr Color’s chrome silver Applied two coats of Mr Color’s GX102 deep clear red Added 3 coats of Mr Color’s super clear III with
  11. Love the pair! I need to go out and get the stingray kit now..
  12. Thank you! It's a bit too much teal compared to Datsun factory colour - next time I'll use more gold! It has definitely grown on me. The price of real car reflects the popularity!
  13. Thank you! Weather is amazing in Toronto these days. Perfect weather for outdoor shoot. Thank you! Appreciate it! I really like the new macro lens I bought Thank you! Thanks! I might try doing the other way around (painting silver first then black surroundings) next time. I think I might've pulled from Aoshima Celica LB 2000GT which had a set of rim looked just like American Racing's Le Mans wheels!
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