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  1. Thank you! Thanks! I’ve got an SVO and LX coupe left to build to fill out my foxbody collection 😁
  2. Looks great! I didn’t know they made a kit of these, I’ll have to find one. The SVT Focus was my “realistic” dream car back in high school since my parents would never have approved of a Mustang for my first car. Ended up with a bare bones automatic Escort ZX2 😆
  3. Here’s my latest, an ‘83 Mustang GLX convertible by Monogram. This is a fun little kit that goes together pretty well. My only issues were due to this particular kit’s rough shape, and the up-top and frame being slightly warped. Also the rubber tires were rock hard so I had to hog out the insides to get the wheels to fit. I built it mostly box stock with some metal transfer emblems added. The body is painted Tamiya TS39 Mica Red over TS30 Silver Leaf, and the interior is Tamiya XF55 Deck Tan, with one coat of Pledge gloss over the body, up-top and parade boot. It’s not perfect, but this is my
  4. It’s in my stash already!
  5. Thanks everyone!
  6. Dude that is amazing!!
  7. Here’s my ‘79 Pinto Cruising Wagon! I added a custom panoramic moon roof, smoothed out the window filler panels as best as I could, and I swiped the surf board and surf decals from Revell’s ‘32 Ford “Rat Rod” kit. Otherwise it’s box stock. It’s painted Tamiya TS-30 Silver Leaf outside, Krylon “Pimento” inside. This kit was definitely a challenge but overall it goes together pretty well!
  8. I’ll have to try that out, thanks 👍
  9. If anyone has tips on how to more accurately represent ‘90s aero composite headlight lenses I’d love to hear it. If the kit actually has clear lenses, they end up looking “too clear”, more like 2000s headlights. And just painting solid chrome lenses white doesn’t really work either...
  10. After loosing out on several full detail AMT Ranger kits on eBay, I gave up and picked up this promo kit for $10. I was hoping to just do some quick detailing and not repaint the whole thing, but the plastic was discolored around the door mirrors for some reason. Also the splash graphics were stickers and looked way too toy-like in person. I repainted the body in Tamiya X-13 Metallic Blue with XF-56 Metallic Gray for the bumpers and flares. Not much else to it! Hopefully Round 2 will re-release these at some point, I’d love to do a full build of the step-side Splash version!
  11. How the heck did you get 40 year old MPC decals to work?? Especially one as large as that??? The ones I’ve tried disintegrated the second water hit them. Glad yours worked out, looks amazing!
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