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  1. Hey Guys, How is everyone progressing on their builds? I hope to have another small update tomorrow As I have detail painted all the above parts and weathered them. Those fingers were a nice challenge .
  2. Another good weekends worth of progress. Lower suspension weathered and assembled. Rear wheels and tyre assembly fitted. Optional upper actuators, front rims and energy displacement unit painted base silver and drying in preparation with detailing and weathering. Hopefully by next weekend I will be on to the body panels.
  3. This week I have made good progress on Bumblebee. The subframe mechanicals for the head waist and torso all done. The fitting of parts is tricky as the plastic as a bit soft and the push fit plugs are tight even before you add paint into the mix. The ink washes and a bit of toning down of the various shades of metal are giving me a pleasing result. I finally found some Molotow. Very expensive over here for a low budget modeller such as myself but well worth it. With a clear red over the top the tail lights look very nice. Today I got the next batch of parts ready for detailing. These will form
  4. My only real options for paint here in NZ are Tamiya, Humbrol and GW. Tamiya Arylics sucks for hand painting so I go exclusive with GW. Though I am really starting to like Tamiya LP paints.
  5. That wood grain looks absolutely sublime. Its also nice to see someone else using Gamesworkshop outside of Wargame painting. Im making really good use of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade on my current build.
  6. I'm struggling to see the red in the hood, But what I do see is the stunning paint finish and the Gold? shade on the hood scoop is super sweet. Loving it.
  7. So this is the Limited release Takara Tomy DMK 02 Model Kit of BUMBLEBEE from the Michael Bay franchise of Transformers. When it first came out I had to buy it and the OP kit as well. Like most Gunpla Type of kits it is "Moulded in Colour" with prepainted details on the Yellow parts. Badly Painted. The internal frame comes as a pre assembled unit nut the nubs marks were terrible, All the internals are the same colour. A sort of coppery metallic silver and if assembled as is just doesnt look very convincing. So the First thing I did was to disassemble the frame and repaint and detail
  8. @Snake45In that case I am in with a 2nd build. If there are any complaints I'll happily move it to Sci-fi area. Will recap with photos today.
  9. Thanks John. It 's the first Kit I have finished in the past year. This BOYD has been a huge motivation in getting it done. I do have the next kit on the pile ready to be finished. This kids picked it out of the pile of unfinished kits. Its not been worked in in nearly 2 years and it is a limited run kit. BUUUUUUUT the question is, what has 4 wheels and tyres, disc brakes. 2 doors, head and tail lights and front valance of a Camaro but cant be entered here????
  10. GOTTER DUN. GOTTER DUN. GOTTER DUN.!!!!! Woo Friggen Hoo!!! ( can I say that or should I edit it out??? ) Fitting the interior sheet metal panel the trying to get it snugged down over and around the roll cage was diabolical. Ill post final pics tomorrow.
  11. I Pretty much got the chassis sewn up. Just need the glued joins at the top roll cage bars where it meets the back roll hoop to dry before attaching the front bars. I forgot just how fiddly the suspension was to put together. And having to run the spark plug wires once the engine and headers were in the frame was tricky but there is no other way to do it. Plan for tomorrow will be to get the wheels fitted and roll cage nailed down. That will leave the internal sheet metal to fit and the body over that which I am dreading.
  12. Man, I wish I had seen this post 10 years ago. YUP, the tyres have turned to slush and gone through everything , sigh!!!
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