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  1. It appears that you've done a very nice job with this. I like the color and find it interesting how a different color gives an entirely new perspective on the car. Just bought this kit and will likely go with the traditional red but I do like the look of yours in green!
  2. Who makes the Corvair kit? Great looking diorama!
  3. Gotter done. I had posted that this thread has motivated me to finish a Tamiya Lotus Super Seven that I abandoned some 5 years ago. It didn't need a lot of work to finish the assembly. I chose to do just that, get it assembled and done. There are numerous flaws and much of the model is kind of worse for the wear but it's done despite having fought me every step of the way.
  4. I got back into scale autos as an adult maybe 5 or 10 years ago. Completed a few models and then got distracted by other interests. Over the past two years now I'm retired I've got back into the hobby and find I am building up a "stash". This Lotus was started over 5 years ago and has been living in the bottom of my stash crate. There isn't all that much to finish. This thread has inspired me to getter done so count me in.
  5. thank you for the replies afx - I might be interested in at least one of them depending on the cost and condition. They look pretty much brand new.
  6. Hello Steve, Beautiful work. I am currently working on this exact model. I've not been engaged in the hobby long enough to develop your skills and the extensive decal work it calls for is somewhat intimidating. I have some concerns about the age of the decals and I'm not familiar with putting them in the sun or using the Microscale Liquid Decal film. Can you elaborate a bit on how you dealt with the decals? Thanks, Andrew
  7. Inspired by the work you've done I too have just ordered this one.
  8. I've not been able to find a review of this kit which I think looks intriguing. Is anybody familiar with it? Waranabe Dunlop Reynard 89D 89' Japan F3000 Champion Race Car from Hasegawa.
  9. Excellent information on exactly a problem I have had. My model building skills are progressing as a result of this forum. Thanks to all that contribute!
  10. I am currently in the process of finishing a build of this model. Very satisfying as I've worked through the challenges of the assembly process. I found building up the suspension took some planning and careful work; not a fault of the kit but a reflection of my current skill level.? I'm finding I have the most success if I assemble most parts using Tacky glue to ensure proper fit and understanding of how things should go together and then take it apart, paint and reassemble permanently. I like what you have done with the paint, look forward to seeing how this evolves and learning a little
  11. The under the hood detail work is magnificent! I recently built this model but with my more pedestrian and modest skills it isn't anything nearly as sweet as what you have produced. Well done!
  12. Like so many others I built models as a child and cars were always my favorite. With no guidance, no magazines, no internet we just painted and glued as best we could. I have fond memories of the process of building but not much recollection of the results which were sloppy at best. Fast forward 60 years and now retired and almost 70 years old I've become hooked on building model cars again. Over the course of the last decade I've built a half dozen or so models with varying results. Slowly I've come to appreciate just how difficult it can be to produce some of the incredible artworks tha
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