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  1. I cut the boxes up also. I put the extra parts I don't use, decals, and instruction sheet in a large zip-lock bag with the picture of the model (after cutting the box) facing outwards so I can instantly identify it. Then I file it away in a cardboard parts box. I am working on my second box.
  2. Dave, that's what were here for. Thanks for your tip on the soak in Purple Power!
  3. I just ordered this from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017WOXA4Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 10 Feet of Blue and White Air Filter Media Roll , MERV6 Polyester Media - 25" Wide Price: 19.95 Buy cutting my own I hope to get approximately 30 filters! Some filters will be 2 pieces.
  4. I went a similar route also. I bought some 4" X 6" peel and stick magnetic paper (5 layers). I stuck them on the bottom right corner of my self-healing cutting mat. I then bought some metal right angle brace brackets. I use the brackets as a jig to straighten the wheels on my model's chassis. The brackets hold the wheels while the glue sets. When I'm not using the jig it is a perfect place to lay down some wide masking tape that I use to hold dollops of my glue which I can then use a toothpick for gluing my parts.
  5. Interesting thing to know. I had opened up both vents and I couldn't decide where the PE parts should go. I ended up using the chrome pieces that came with the kit and put them where the instructions said to. I guess I should have researched my project better. Lesson learned. This is my first attempt of using PE parts and I came to the realization that they are very hard to use (duh). The emblems were very fragile and did not stay together even though I handled them very carefully with the tweezers I had available to me. I purchased some precision tweezers and will use them on my next at
  6. I have a question about placement of photo etched hood vents for the Revell '67 Chevelle 396 2n1. Do I place them on the topside or under the hood? I tried searching for images and found some but not very detailed. This is the first time working with photo etching and any help would be appreciated. Also, I don't have any etching tools for bending. Are there techniques to this? Specifically the PE part for the shift pattern for the floor console between the front seats. The console has a slight convex curve. Thanks. EDIT - On further inspection under a magnifying glass that secti
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome! Like many of you growing up in the 60's and 70s' I had my go at model building. I built mostly glue bombs, did not paint very much, and I destroyed some of my creations with fireworks in the empty lot down the street. But I had a lot of fun! Then life got in the way and I didn't think much about model building until recently. I picked it up again about 2 years ago. Now that I am retired and have the economic resources and plenty of time I jumped back into it. I acquired a paint booth a compressor and an inexpensive airbrush. I also bought a ton of
  8. Welcome George. I am a new member myself. You will find lots of content here. From tips on model building to member's work in progress and everything else in between. This forum is a great place to lurk!
  9. Steve, Good tutorial. I have a old '58 Corvette build that I will try this technique on. I am just now learning BMF and this will come in handy.
  10. Watched and subscribed. I like your humor and enthusiasm. Thanks
  11. Thank you. Very informative. Choosing which glue to use is one of my weak spots so this post is helpful.
  12. Greetings, Just a few words about myself. I am retired (63 years old) and living in the great state of Washington. My hobbies include photography, growing indoor plants, reading and, of course, building plastic scale models. I came across this site by researching my current build. 57' Chevy Bel Air. I like the loads of info I found here and hope to contribute. Below is some pictures of my build in progress. Thanks.
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