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  1. TowerHobbies.com has this kit (AMT 1203) available for pre-order (shipment due to arrive April 2021) with a price of only $29.99. Thinking it is certainly a misprint, a few days ago I emailed their customer service to verify whether or not this price is correct, and haven't received a reply. Just to see what will happen, I placed an order for 4 kits myself.
  2. Awesome!! Let's hope the kit will be paired with cool retro-style box art! I'm guessing it will.
  3. I thought I would create this post since I haven't seen this topic elsewhere on this board... I see the Tower Hobbies and Vortex Hobbies websites show the AMT Kenworth Challenge Mixer kit (long thought to not be a potential re-issue) is due to be be re-issued in October 2020. Anyone know any details about this kit?
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