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  1. Recently in the cable car workshop. It goes on. San Francisco Cable Car # 9. 1/24 scale. I am happy if you follow the progress in my vlog. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdr2W_A5gRMg0nJLejDZxAw
  2. It goes on. The cabin is primed and provided with 230 rivets. I am happy if you follow the progress in my vlog. San Francisco Cable Car 1/24
  3. The original can be seen on this video from Val Lupiz. https://www.facebook.com/viewsfromthegrip/posts/1536765403127402
  4. Happy New Year. The next part of my San Francisco cable car is ready. The videos can be seen from January 17, 2021. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdr2W_A5gRMg0nJLejDZxAw I am happy about subscribers.
  5. I had all parts of plywood 0.4mm, 1mm, 2mm and 3mm laser cut here in Vienna. That was relatively cheap (approx. 100 parts for 70 euros including material). I don't really enjoy fretwork, I prefer to focus on details.
  6. Hello, I can see what I can find on my harddisk and send it to you. Send me your email address via pm. Best regards Manfred
  7. First, thank you very much for the positive feedback - that motivates me to do even better when building # 9. You can see the progress on Youtube. I'm happy about every subscription. About the Occre kit: It's basically a nice and recommendable kit. With a little skill you can build a nice cable car. What bothered me: The front is not done correctly and distorts the typical appearance. The sides under the windows are actually curved and not straight. The pillars and other details are simplified. The trucks unfortunately went wrong. I als
  8. Now a few years later I'm building # 9. This time without a kit. I document the entire construction from the planning in great detail in my vlog on YouTube. San Francisco Cable Car 1/24 I would be happy if you like the videos and subscribe to my channel. Here some pictures: Best regards Manfred
  9. Hello, a few years ago - after visiting San Francisco - I built the 1/24 scale Cable Car # 49. It was originally an Occre kit. Since I was not very satisfied with the kit, only the base plate, the roof structure and some cast parts are left.
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