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  1. Just stop trying to BS people who are wiser than you. Let's start there.
  2. Try Again, There is a a very significant difference from 1974 to 1975.
  3. If if has no Stingray scripts on the front fenders BUT DOES HAVE backup lights below the rear bumperettes it's a 1968. Plus the 1968 had pushbutton door opening buttons which were changed after 1968
  4. Please tell the folks what the difference is between the 1973 and 1974 Corvette front fascias. Not holding my breath.
  5. That's kinda funny - The picture displayed by the OP looks strangely familiar to the lead pic in eBay 284117445621. Maybe you should ask the Seller if they gave OP permission to repost their automatically copyrighted picture.
  6. The model has a great figure for her late 20s. Props to you , Hon!
  7. Wow! Never seen one in those colors but am sure it was available! Pretty sure the headrests became std equipment for the 1969 model year.
  8. Hope I never get a jonesing for one of them MPC 1967 Camaros.
  9. They are the same pieces, 1966-1970. #5 is the battery and it goes to that little protrusion on the radiator support near the numeral 4
  10. As you can see, the 1965 & 1966 Olds Starfire got the Pontiac Grand Prix roof & backlight. But the thing about the 1965 model is that the exhausts exited through the rear lower quarter panel moldings. That's pretty unique. Click the youtube link. 1965 Starfire
  11. Besides Vega GT, that steering wheel was available in 1971-up Camaro, Chevelle, Nova, Monte Carlo. Corvette got it in 1976 or so. As far as those wheels go, I've never seen them in any kits by USA manufacturers but didn't one of the Japan companies make an Olds Starfire GT? That would have those wheels.
  12. Instead of begging for clues, let's start a pool for manufacturer & scale.
  13. This thing is still going? GM frames, front subframes, engine cradles, control arms and sometimes other things were suspended from an overhead conveyor. As they approached a tank of Chassis Black the conveyor dipped down and submerged the part then rose out of the tank and traveled for several feet over a long drip pan that caught most of the drippings. But for many feet beyond the end of the drip pan were more drips on the floor. Of course, there were smaller tanks for subframes and even smaller ones for small parts. Factory Chassis Black is not paint. It's a semi-soft asphalt coati
  14. Look for wear along the 8 corners of the box top.
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