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  1. Sweet! You've done a top notch job on a demanding kit . . . and, maybe, a bit of inspiration Bought a new Fiero SE when they first came out and, despite all the negative stories, it was a terrific little car – at least mine was -- got almost 140k miles out of it before letting it go. In 1985 I got this same kit and, to this day, I’ve never finished the model – just too fiddly and ill-fitting. But after seeing your splendid model, I’m re-thinking . . .
  2. Gentlemen, I'm flattered and appreciative of the comments. Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys -- greatly appreciate the affection for those two in particular. Neither one had any prior exposure in the forum but here are a couple more pix
  4. Thank you David -- glad you liked them. The 51 Chevy was inspired as sort of a tribute to my late brother-in-law who never had a gasser . . . but should have.
  5. Thanks for taking a look, Carl - appreciate the comment.
  6. Thanks Chris. That particular kit certainly isn't the best example of shape and proportions but I believe there's no such thing as bad Miura ?
  7. Appreciate the nice thought, Tom - especially since your exemplary work with rescues and refurbishing old models has been one of my inspirations for a long time.
  8. Thanks Tom. Saw a T-Bird painted very similar shade on an internet photo and it spoke to me . . . glad you liked it.
  9. That is one spectacular model! Great colors and detailing, especially making the roof work. Most impressive build of the Skyliner I've ever seen. I've tried it twice; once as an adolescent and once as an adult and both attempts were dismal failures -- it's a toughie and you did it magnificently!
  10. I usually manage to finish 4 or 5 models per year but, owing to the great sequestration, I seem to have squeezed out a couple cars-worth of extra bench time . . . 2020 was entirely rebuilds, rescues or long-dead projects finally concluded – not one new kit! The first 4 were done before I joined the forum and the others were posted as finished. In order of completion: AMT 1951 Chevy Bel Air ‘Gasser’. Rebuild/conversion from a stocker constructed ages ago. Gained a lift-off front clip, set-back & injected Chevy W-block engine, various drag parts from the spares bin, some homema
  11. Uh oh . . .! Thanks (I think?) for the brain-jog. I suddenly recall building that MPC BB512 also and, coincidentally, mine was also a gift. Definitely falls into the 'forgettable' category. You used yours better . . . .?
  12. Thank you, Mike -- I agree about the proportions and I think that's part of what kept me from building it for so long. I'd dig it out, look at it then decide I didn't want the headache of fixing the deficiencies so back in the box it went. I have a Hasegawa Miura in my stash and its a far more accurate kit but also a lot more complex build. Hopefully someday . . . btw, I loved that Fiero color -- I bought a red SE when they came out in '84 and always wanted to repaint it once the later colors appeared.
  13. Outstanding, Tom -- that's a little sweetheart! Like a first romance, its good to cherish and remember. IMHO, the Miura is one of the most beautiful sports cars of the 70's - maybe of all time.
  14. Thanks, Trevor . . . those MPC sports car kits were prevalent back in the 70''s, but after buying this one, I was pretty disappointed in the curbside approach so I left them alone. Hope you hung on to yours -- they're kind of cool historical artifacts nowadays.
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