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  1. Joe that turned out great! ... very nice work, I like it a lot!.. And as a finer note, I really like how you did your windshield washer reservoir👍
  2. Wow Steve.. congratulations! This is one hella cool car which I never knew a thing about until I read the article in your link. The car inspired the Corvette if I read it correctly..???- AWESOME! And then I checked out your WIP and saw how you gradually refined a hunk of resin into this elegant and sleek road car using brass and polystyrene ... years went by and now we’re seeing the results ... A lot of skill and patients went into this one for sure and you're to be commended on your unwavering attention to accuracy and seeing it through until you got it right. What you’ve accomplished is
  3. Jason, that’s awesome!... Love the mud spatter and weathering. Very unique and great pics too👍
  4. Wow, now that’s a gorgeous Challenger! I saw this yesterday biking through a parking lot. I love it’s aged and used look!....
  5. Yep.... Christopher Walken has the coolest voice
  6. “HEY! ... You’re talking to my guy all wrong, it’s the wrong tone. You do it again, I’ll stab ya’ in the face with a soldering iron.”
  7. Absolutely excellent... Paint is right on👍
  8. Good looking and clean race car!... Nice work
  9. Ooh, 5 alive! ... Just kidding ..I just love your thought process on the numbers... reminds me of myself. Aren’t we just a tormented bunch here? 🤪 Anyway, nice job on the GT40, also one of my favorites. It looks good for a snap kit and though you may have been intimidated on the orange stripe, you pulled it off and it looks good👍
  10. I think this is actually the most hideous heap of trash I’ve ever seen!
  11. Yeah, but since it was done to just another cookie cutter Corvette... meh, no big deal.
  12. Venom

    1971 GTX

    Nice looking GTX... and the photos are fantastic!
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