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  1. 1 minute ago, youpey said:

    honestly, they only kick it and play with it when there is fresh catnip on it. otherwise, they dont bother. 

    Ahh, that’s good to know since those things cost $20 each if I remember right. My cats have got to where they simply lick or eat the catnip and that’s it... no spazzing whatsoever. One of the doesn’t even pay any attention to fresh fish. Weird!


  2. 1 hour ago, youpey said:

    Video of tickles playing with his fish toy on my work table in my model area. i just dipped it in catnip. he is going crazy for it


    That’s awesome! ... maybe I should get a couple of those fishes for my two cats... especially if they work that good every time!

  3. 8 hours ago, youpey said:

    i woke up in the middle of the night with my cat trying to put his head into my open mouth when i slept. i would guess realistically, he was just putting his nose in there to smell my delicious morning breath, but at 4 in the morning, its pretty odd to wake up to.  


    Haha, maybe he was trying to figure out why you didn’t care about the spider that crawled in there.🕷

  4. 2 hours ago, John1955 said:

    Well, when I got married, I sold the Torino Cobra, but it was junk by then, rusty and not running, so I got only $200 for it. I kept the Torino GT for awhile, but a guy at work made me an incredible offer for it that I couldn't refuse. Much higher than book value, so I said yes. Apparently, he'd done research and a car equipped that way was extremely rare. His intent was to drive it very little, then store it as the value increased over the years. But he wrecked it only 6 weeks after I sold it to him, a total loss and he was in the hospital a long time. 

    Wow! ... that’s really too bad...on both counts.

  5. 8 hours ago, John1955 said:

    It sure did! I'd grown up in a GM family and my first two cars were a '65 Impala ($75.00) and '67 Impala ($200), both 2 doors, automatic and the standard 283 2 bbl and both were ratty I suppose but I was in high school and working at a Gulf station, so I loved them and was proud that I'd paid for them all by myself. But when Ford came out with the Torino fastbacks in '68, I fell in love and wished that Chevy's Chevelle and Mopar's mid-size cars could look that racy and have fastbacks. Right out of high school, I joined the U.S. Navy and gave the '67 Impala to my mom (the '65 had been junked). 

    I saved my money in the four years in the navy, and when I got out, I went hunting for a used '70 or '71 Torino or Cobra with 4 speed stick and the big 429. I don't have photos of the two I bought, sadly, I did take pictures but have no idea what I did with them now. One was a mint condition '70 Torino GT with the 351 Cleveland 4 bbl, bright yellow. The other was a '70 Torino Cobra in not so nice shape but with the ultimate engine, the 429SCJ, a mean green color. Both were 4 speeds (Hurst), the beat up Torino Cobra had cherry bomb mufflers and drank lots of oil. Ford was sued by the insurance industry for lying about the HP in the 429SCJ engine. 

    That car blew the doors off of a friend's Road Runner 426 hemi, another's 427 Z28, another guy's 454 SS and everyone else who dared challenge me. Although it did overheat and slurp lots of oil in the process. Sigh, those were the days, I was young and foolish. Good thing there was no official police department where I lived then, just a township constable who had a large area to patrol. 

    That’s a cool story ... to bad you didn’t still have either of those Torinos ... Reminds me of one of my uncles who always had really cool muscle cars, but totaled them all... His Mach 1 probably would have been the most valuable today.

  6. Yes, I too love beers while building, and I like to have a DVD of something in even if I’m rarely looking up. Ford v Ferrari was one I liked to let play a lot, also O’ Brother Where Art Thou, and most recently, before I went on my hiatus, I was letting the movie Stand By Me play over and over. I’m not sure what it is about that movie, but I just haven’t gotten enough of it yet. It likely has something to do with the time period of the 50’s with the oldies music ... seems to fit right in with building cars. Kinda strange though considering when I saw it for the first time I just thought it was pretty bland.

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