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  1. thank you!! I hope my video is informative..😊
  2. hi, I feel that the Tamiya Finish Polishing Compound is more like the hasegawa ceramic compound,it is a very fine compound.. in my dodge challenger building, I use Tamiya Finish Polishing Compound after Mr. Compound Super Fine,it works fine.. here is the video if you are interested,the process is about at 8:36...cheers!!😊
  3. beautiful!! like the metallic blue!!👍
  4. 😍wow..one of my favorite car!! nicely done! like the color!
  5. thank you😊..actually,I know nothing about engine,I build it just out of box and it looks nice... definitely a good kit!👍
  6. thank you😄,when I building kits,I try to show the maximum effect with the minimum modification..this is a good kit,I am glad it comes out well..😊
  7. HI, the black and clear are from gaia paint, I choose them just because my habit,the Gaia paint is not easy to get now, I think the Mr.color would works as good as gaia paint...cheers!!🙂
  8. Thank you guys!!😄😄
  9. Thank you! I am glad my video is useful!!😊
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