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  1. It did go out. But just a couple days ago. I was in a wreck and have been having some back problems so haven't done a whole lot
  2. Really? I used this photo as I figured a lot of members may have not know which kit I was talking about and figured it increased my chances of finding what I needed. I am not selling anything and posted the picture for reference as mine is boxed up somewhere . I can find another picture off google (maybe worthpoint that stores eBay listings ,if the makes you more comfortable). Maybe this site isn't for you. Members here are know for helping each other out. At the end of the day, it is a picture of a box that AMT manufactured thousands of and not a built up kit someone put a ton of time into.
  3. I don't have any large truck stuff to speak of. Not a huge collector so I don't have tons of spare parts or kits. Mostly buy Chevy truck stuff but came across these built up Impalas and they were too nice to pass on.
  4. That particular emblem came on 75-80 tail gate bands on Chevy trucks. 73-74 essentially had the same thing but there was loop added to the C and to the T. As far as I know, no kits have came with this as it is Squarebody specific
  5. HobbyLinc is showing that they have it in stock. Did you check there?
  6. I wish I had some of that stuff but I don't. I honestly thought the Impala stuff would be much easier to come by. Especially the glass as it was used in some many other GM cars.
  7. There are resin dually fenders and long beds on eBay for the 86. I have purchased the fenders and they are pretty nice
  8. I sell parts for the full size 1973-1987 Chevy and GMC trucks and Blazers these years for a living so I collect and build the scale model this body style. Prefer VINTAGE kits and parts but can always use non broken 4x4 axles off modern kits to repair my vintage built ups. Let me know what you have available. Have lots to trade or will buy outright.
  9. Sorry for the EXTREME delay in getting photos of these up. First picture is all 1/20 scale Monogram Camaros. Second is 1/25 trans ams and large revell. I should have never posted if I wasn't ready to put pictures up. I was just really ready to get rid of them. I am really sorry about this.all of these are very rough but maybe somebody could do something with them. They came to me in a large parts lot
  10. I have 3 ROUGH built up Deora parts trucks. Do you need complete trucks"
  11. I have the Stingray that is an old built up/parts car that does have that fairing I will try and dig it out in the next couple days
  12. I have purchased several parts from him. EXTREMELY SLOW shipping, No response to emails, poor attitude, etc, etc, etc. That being said, I have always received what I paid for from him
  13. This is what I came up with I'm thinking maybe the top left boot.
  14. Thanks for the offer but the chassis are what I would have been interested in. I have a lot of vintage kits that have broken axles that I don't really want to repair
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