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  1. Great looking Nova! Simple but well executed. They don't all have to be super detailed to be great models.
  2. Nice truck! I think the color and sheen are just right. Love it.
  3. It's a knock out! Great work. I'm inspired to dig out my half finished example that I started 20 years ago. Gotta get the engine decals.
  4. Thank you all for your kind words. Glad you liked it. And I agree - a Falcon has to have a six and a stick.
  5. I've always had a fondness for the Falcon Rancheros but was disappointed with the latest AMT reissue - Chevy engine, ill fitting wheels and the simplified chassis had to go. Over the past few months I have fitted a Revell 68 Mustang chassis (extended 5/8 inches at the rear, used a nice resin cast 6, and adapted Tamya Lotus 7 wheels. The Mustang chassis had the right wheel base, width, and fender well details but required a lot of cutting and filing around the firewall. The single exhaust is bent solder and the gas tank is from an old Revell 55 Chevy. I've never looked under a real Ranche
  6. Here's a rear shot. Apologies for the quality... Thanks
  7. I've known Paul since he was 13. The stories I could tell! Unfortunately for me he recently moved to Florida. I have watched him create masters of many never before offered models and am just amazed by his creative talent. These can take years to develop to his standards.
  8. Thanks Charlie! The chestnut interior isn't very exotic - just Testors leather (a military color) with dark brown inserts (enamel). I sprayed it all with some Ace Hardware satin clear then Molotow pen for highlights. Your choice of Oxford blue should look awesome. Please post some photos when it's finished.
  9. This is an awesome project Bill! Your technical skills and creative ability are inspirational. This level of work is what keeps me striving to do better. Thanks.
  10. Well thanks guys, as a newcomer I feel very welcomed.
  11. Thanks for the kind words! The darker wood grain is a vinyl sticker that comes with the kit. The emblems and scripts are printed on the vinyl. The lighter wood (fiberglass) is molded with the body and includes all the little carriage bolt heads. I hand painted it with Model Master acrylic sand followed by 2 or 3 coats of clear lightly tinted with transparent amber. If you look really close you might see that I drew darker grain patterns on the sand color with a sharp water color pencil. A Molotow pen was used for the bolt heads.
  12. Really well done. Glad you brought it back into the daylight.
  13. Just finished the Paul Hettick resin '63 County Squire. It's factory combo Colonial white over Chestnut. Besides the body Paul mastered new taillights, hub caps and rear bumper. This is a high quality, accurate conversion kit that goes together flawlessly. Great job Paul and thanks for your help.
  14. I've been out of the hobby for several years but picked it up again this year. I'm into pickups mostly. The Ranchero is in progress with a resin 6 and a Mustang chassis. In factory color Belmont blue. Happy 2021 everyone!
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