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  1. coming up...final development right now. Back panel fitment test. minor corrections needed.
  2. 73 Monte Carlo front modeled. I only need to test print both ends.
  3. Working on it, although the bumper is not as accurate as I would have liked it due to lack of really good pictures and measurements. Front bumper and grille next, t hat will be a lot easier. Question for those of you who owned a 73, what it more common with bumperettes or without?
  4. Thanks John, I work hard to create something for my models that no one else had. I noticed that there is a shortage of sources that offer those hard to get factory correct parts for models so I started to make my own and who knew they would be wanted by others. I have a lot of parts ideas in the works and right now it's creating a conversion kit for the 96 S10 to 98-2003. So far the front end, bucket seats, consoles and ZQ8 wheels are complete and available, working on the dash and door panels. The 73 Monte conversion kit has me in a bit of stumper on how to model the back bumper correctly, It
  5. no polish...I don't think I will, might ruin it lol.
  6. I modeled in my CAD the whole front from the front edge of the hood forward including the bumper. The rear, I modeled from just below the trunk lip, tail lights and rear bumper. Both 74 and 75 are done and working on a 73 conversion. Last I will do a 76 conversion which will be super minor, basically grille and tail lights as I believe the bumpers are the same as the 77. If not, they will be corrected also. My goal is to have 73 - 77 Monte Carlos. I have 5 Revell 77 Monte kits to pull it off. I also made a bench seat to fit in that kit because I never had those fancy swivel buckets. My ve
  7. that's exactly the wheels I used from the AMT 72 Corvette kit.
  8. working on the 73 conversion...it's a little more complicated but hoping to have it done soon. Yes I sell them you can message me if you want 1.
  9. Wylde

    68 Mustang GT

    I let my wife pick the color for this car...I think I did ok on it. Opened the doors and trunk, still learning how to do that. Acrylic bright yellow. Yeah I know my dash decals are crooked, Didn't notice until they set. Bugger!
  10. I built this for a buildoff on Facebook and came close to getting the most vote. Lost by 2 :(. Painted in acrylic Iridescent Purple and Pearl White. Modeled and 3d printed custom functioning hinges and struts for the tonneau cover. Pegasus wheels and lowered the suspension.
  11. I owned one and had to have a model of it. This was painted in MCW Bahama blue exactly like my 1:1 was. I modeled and 3d printed the conversion kit myself and converted the Revell Lowrider 77 Monte Carlo snap kit.
  12. I want to convert one of my fleetside S10s to a sportside. Finding a kit seems impossible so far so I am hoping just finding the sportside box will be more successful. The bed I am looking for would come from this kit.
  13. I think my parts are featured in that issue. Can anyone confirm? 3D printed Monte Carlo conversion kits. I should subscribe.
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