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  1. super work man, love how this project turns out, i like the seatbelt hardware that you use on it
  2. Thank you CT, i got that idea from a person in YouTube, i forgot his name, but yeah, you can use it any time, that why i like to share my stuff, people can add ideas to me or like in this case, i can add something to the forum, looking forward to see you working on it on your next build thanks Ian, glad you like the rod end idea, looking forward to see you doing something like that on the dragster man...
  3. Thanks for the tip Richard, is always great to have this info, i'll try that very soon Thanks for answer before me Richard, i always check the forum at nights mostly at work Thanks for the question and always can use my thread for any discussions, help me in the way if it have the answer in the moment LOL Thanks Joe Thanks man, the peace is call in very different names (Paddles, extenders, beam trippers) not every team like it, some drivers do not like the idea for soma reason, don't remember why at the moment Here's another update, work on th
  4. Thanks man, already working on those exhaust pipes, they started to look nice heres another update on the beast, can of big one this time, have a lot of parts already ready to detail up and they look beautiful to me LOL Hope you guys like them too Work on the driveshaft and decided to add aluminum tube to make it more realistic. Also work on the front suspensions control arms and they came out better then I thought, for the arms I use aluminum tube and brass wire to make the eye hooks, glue them together and they look killer, at least for me LOL Worked on the engine
  5. Looks amazing man, keep up the awesome work
  6. Sweet Richard, this type of projects scares me a lot, lot of work and i haven't work on that scale yet, looking forward to see how this turns out
  7. WAW nice Mike, looking forward to see this project
  8. Thanks Scott, sorry for the late respond, but i haven't made any progress on this one, been doing a lot of work on the Dodge for some reason LOL, soon i will have nothing to do on the Dodge and that will be Camaro time, LOL
  9. Thank you Richard, i wasn't sure what to do with the exhaust pipes, from the beginning i wanted to do funny car style and later i saw this ones on the parts box and i did try them on, they don't look bad but the other style looks a lot better, thanks for the advice man Thanks Ian, glad you like it my friend
  10. Hello guys I’m going to try this again, hope it works this time... Hello Guys, here's another update on the beast, this is starting to get crazy LOL... Worked on the front suspension after i paint them and they look amazing, i can't believe i have the first look on how will stand, just love it... I insert aluminum rod into the bottom part of the suspensions from the kit Added a Futurattractions front Springs set and they do the trick i needed
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