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  1. Another built from some time ago. Warning- I generally don't build perfect replicas- more like look-a-likes, or close-enuffs! This is even more so, as I could not find enough pics of the top of the 1:1 when I built it; and the sides are a really simplified view. Stock Torino kit body, with altered tin work and chassis from a GTO Judge. Engine, headers, tires, and wheels from the parts box. Paint is Tamiya Racing Blue and Testor's Diamond Dust.
  2. Another one from many years ago, a showrod kitbash; combined Tom Daniel's T'Rantula + Tommy Ivo's 4 engine dragster, surgically altered to mate with the cab of the T'Rantula, altered front chassis/axle for the low profile front tires. Richard Carroll tires. Paint is Testor's Boyd Black-N-Blue Pearl, has tiny metallic flecks- looks either dark blue or dark purple, depending on the light.
  3. I grew up watching cartoons in the '60s, Saturday was my favorite day of the week. Guess what- I retired in October, and I have dvds of virtually ALL of those shows. I made a promise to myself to recreate those Saturdays, enjoy being a kid again- just like I do with my models!
  4. Thanks! Sorry, I originally posted this in a wrong section!
  5. Yes, the body is from Speed City. Sometime I'll post pics of my Canuck Nova...
  6. A kitbash from many years ago; bits of this and that. A double dragster main body part and engines, double blower setups from two '62 Corvette drag cars, fenders from the Ice Cream Truck, Richard Carroll tires, doubled wheels from the Cuda Digger, bits of a T'Rantula. Paint is Purple Pearl over a white base.
  7. Yet another build from several years ago. Resin body, some parts from the parts box. some from a donor kit.
  8. Thanks! The paint is Testor's Light Gray Metallic and Purple-Licious.
  9. Thanks guys! I've got another couple of my own creations, that I never got around to finishing...maybe this year, though.
  10. Thanks guys, glad you liked them! I thought about Dr. Pepper, and root beer...
  11. Another one built many years ago. Almost everything except the stock body, out of the parts box.
  12. I had built these quite some time ago. The premise? I thought, what if Coke and Pepsi fought it out in the world of showrods, both based on the Vending Machine? Coke Vending Machine built boxstock, Pepsi is kitbashed with parts box tires, headers, stacks, aftermarket decals.
  13. I built these many years ago. At the time, no one on any of the sites had built all six. Now I know of at least two others that have built them. These are originals, built without decals, and with some changes of color. I didn't like the way they routed the pipes on the Black Max, so I had rerouted them to come up from underneath. I had created a couple of others of my own, to go with them; the Vending Machine Trike, and the Ivo Trike.
  14. OK, I HATE how good it looks! So there!😁 Nice build, well done!
  15. Awful accident with the body! Last bad thing I did was finishing the Chezoom Corvair funny, reached for a can of clear, was in a hurry, and grabbed a can of white primer by mistake...destroyed a beautiful paint and decal job. Now my friends never let me forget it, "Dave- look out for the primer!" Sheesh. Hope you finish it, there are far too few of us that built this kit.
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