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  1. I think you may be mistaken on that one. Chevy didn't produce those heads until about 1961 or 62.
  2. This car is looking killer! To make even more so shouldn't you cover that tunnel ram with a cut up beer 12 pack though? 😉
  3. I haven't done it for years but I used to use a hack saw blade, a hobby saw, or sometimes a Dremel tool with a saw blade in it. Takes patience though.
  4. For you younger folks, cars weren't always delivered like this. My Dad graduated high school in 1936 and started working for a Pontiac dealer in Granite City, IL. Him and another young man would take a train to Detroit and drive a new car back while towing a second car. Thanks, Bob
  5. Thanks David I actually did use tape. I really thought the Elmers glue would hold it but no. Thanks' Bob
  6. Wow, never even gave this a thought. That would work very well. I don't know why but I've always been that way. I almost always over think something and never even give the most simple method a second thought. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Bob
  7. These moldings are very thin and look to me like they would break very easily. How would you go about removing the chrome from only the back side?
  8. I'm trying my best to glue on the chrome side trim without much luck. Early this morning I glued the very thin chrome strips on with white Elmers glue so as not to mess up one of my best paint jobs. A few minutes ago I tried to clean off a little excess glue and the trim popped right off. Before I pull out what little hair I have left can anyone give any tips on the correct way to do this? Thanks, Bob
  9. If I remember correctly before he died he had planned on retiring from driving and had a deal with Stag beer to promote their products. Way back in the 60's I bought the Fred Lorenzen 65 Galaxie planning to build a car with Stag livery thinking that might have been a possibility had he lived. My question is do any of you have any idea where I might find Stag beer decals? I've looked at all the possibilities I can think of with no luck and I'm not computer savvy enough to make my own. Thanks, Bob
  10. Brian I think it looks as good or better than a lot of them I see. I haven't done any BMF in many years but am working on some projects that will need it. I'm not looking forward to it. Did you use an Xacto knife or a scalpel to cut it? Thanks...Bob
  11. I want to add a vinyl top to a 53 Ford. I cut styrene to .010 X .020 for the seems. My question is, how would you go about gluing down such small strips? I'm sure it'll have to be CA glue as the top has been primed with Testers flat black. Any ideas? Thanks...Bob
  12. Actually I used Evercoat Easy Sand which is a 2 part filler. I've used this filler for more than 20 years along with my trusted Pasche model H air brush. I've been retired for over 2 years now but before that I repaired fiberglass bathtubs full time for more than 20 years. Never had any trouble with the Evercoat. Thanks...Bob
  13. I did do some filling with Evercoat glazing putty and the body was quite wavy as well. Thanks...Bob
  14. Bill, I first used the white, DAP 1689. I noticed I still had a few very minor scratches showing after sanding with 400 so I decided to try the scratch filler DAP 1700. Neither primer dried very hard as it gummed up my sandpaper. Last night I sprayed it with Testers flat black thinned with lacquer thinner and left it in the dehydrator over night. This morning the paint is nice and hard. I'm going to try some 1,000 paper on it in a bit and see what happens. Thanks...Bob IMG_1620.MOV
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