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  1. On 12/23/2020 at 3:17 AM, steveracer said:

    with quite a few "typical" AMT/Revell/MPC American cars. Tamiya F1 and sports cars in many scales, and quite a few 1:43 racers as well.  Enjoy mostly racing cars and rally cars these days....

    Welcome Steve! "typical" Revell American cars? ? And corvette  c7? :rolleyes:

    Have a good time here!

  2. 1 hour ago, steveracer said:

    Hi Vitaliy, I just joined this forum yesterday too.  Welcome.  First of all, for another completely different reason I was reading about Lake Baikal.  And the region.  Wow, that is a beautiful area, and some crazy weather that would be interesting to experience.  

    Welcome Steve! It's really interesting to test the weather and yourself, but mostly if you are living (t)here, you gonna observe all awesome sides  out the window :rolleyes:

    1 hour ago, steveracer said:

    Corvette C7...what kit are you building? Are kits readily available in Tomsk?  Do you have a hobby store or do you buy online? 

    There are 2 model-shops in my city. They have mainly popular goods such as sivil aviation in 1/144 scale, tanks in 1/35 and tamiya, fujimi autos. But I am not ready for building some japanise cars [although silvia is a pretty one], so that's why I have to buy it online from Moscow. But I found out that there are not only tamiya colours in my city! There's a 'Mr. Hobby' one, it's an amazing paints!
    Corvette C7R is a revell model with interesting engien, which i'v never seen before. Just have a look! (And it's not a carbon decal, only paints!)

    41 minutes ago, Pete75 said:

    British people talking about the weather is kind of a joke: we do it a lot here, probably because it's an inoffensive subject and rain is never very far away. However, it is ironic (irony being another particularly British thing) that our temperate climate (neither hot nor cold) is unremarkable compared to many other places in the world. Now that I've thought about it, I can see why you might not understand! ?

    Yeah, I see ) I guess it's one of the most comfortable climate (neither hot nor cold): you don't melt down during summer heat and can't became an icein the winter

  3. 1 hour ago, Pete75 said:

    In the UK, -10 C is enough to close half the country down! ?? We have very boring weather (today is 11 C and raining) but we still like talking about it! Interesting to see and hear a bit about Siberia ?

    People think that it's always cold in Siberia. We have frozen times (for example this week), nevertheless it's getting warmer every year. Quantity and quality of such weeks is decreasing. Moreover we have a warm summertime (20  °C in avarage) with  "heat weekends" (35-37 °C) [Yeah, large difference between summer and winter temperature]. 

    Glad to hear from you about your country! As for me, I am really fond of rain, it's an awesome weather.  And what do you mean 'we still like talking about it'? I didn't get it.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Russell C said:

    You apparently have summertime there, from what's seen in that link. Right where I'm at now, it's 49°F, I can't imagine what the temperature is there in Tomsk at this time of year. TomRiver.jpg.25907b3f5dc60b8bbd91236bc1b22cae.jpg

    This picture was taken in summer, I guess. We have  a lot of beautiful sides there, as you can see. And in wintertime as well. Right now it's -22°C (-7,6 °F, as google says), but we had a warm weeks before (Only -10 till -15°C (14/5 °F)!). Anyway it's Siberia, so the temperature will decrease until it gets  ~ -35°C ( -31°F) :blink:. Hope, it won't last. [But it gives a nice opportunity to model :)]



  5. Hi everyone, I am a freshman here. Came across  this forum when I was searching info about Corvette C7  (It's going to be first car model in my collection).

    I was looking for a good auto forum for a long time, because there's only one russian (and it's hard to call it "alive" [according to chatter's activity :wacko: ]). I'm realy interested in communication with modelers from around the world.

    As for me, I am living in Russia, Tomsk;  looking forward creating a topic of C7 building and various dicsussions. Thank you for your time. :rolleyes:

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