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  1. Slick, the white walls are killer.
  2. Yah, you basically get a lump of resin and go from there. Like you guys, when I first saw it I thought man this is going to take awhile. Thanks for the compliments.
  3. Look's great, that green is nuts.
  4. The box art is hypnotic, it's absolutely fabulous, ah, nostalgia!
  5. Period perfect, nice foil work, it looks angry.
  6. Tom you blew me away with this, I didn't know the GT was available, I've built the roadster and owned both 1/1 with fond memories except the electronics, Lucas the Prince of Darkness. Bravo.
  7. No way, where's the model? Look's like the real thing. That's beautiful.
  8. Wow, that's a bingo. The modes you made are spot on, kudos.
  9. Thanks Gentlemen, it seems I welcome a challenge.
  10. I really like your kustom touches, sweet!
  11. Ok I'm going to have to crack open that vintage Johan and get on, yours are brilliant, I didn't know those wheels could look that good, bravo.
  12. 59 is one of the best looking Pontiacs ever, yours is gorgeous, thanks for posting.
  13. 1/32 scale, fabed the windshield glass and interior door pull handles, custom seat material I lifted from gift box my wife received, , gearshift and turn signal, and BMF also WWW tires. Not happy with the fit of the hood, but its it's done and I think it's cool.
  14. Oh yah that's what I'm talking about, green is my favorite color. Your detail work is right on man! Throttle linkage, positive red starter cable, the list goes on.
  15. Big Buford's are neat, yours makes me smile.
  16. Kah puts

    My 2020

    Fantastic, a treat to look at.
  17. Oh yeah, these are fantastic. Thanks for the good vibe.
  18. Your imagination paid off, looks good.
  19. It makes me smile, green is my favourite colour. Caddys are the Marilyn Monroe's of automobiles
  20. You've brightened up my morning, how refreshing those colours look! Excellent photos to- boot.
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