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  1. What a great build!! But knowing it began as a simple "?" AMT kit and seeing all the scratch building and planning it took takes it to another level! Fantastic!!
  2. I don't know. It seems if you wait long enough, a couple bidders will fight over it. Bidding is up to almost $350 right now, with less than a day to go...
  3. quite amazing, Bill. I too am enjoying it, but it is WAY to rich for my wallet.. Still fun to watch though... Thanks for the ride along...
  4. I can see the similarities. I too like the Cobra more, but those GTO's are pretty timeless....
  5. nice work and tutorial. Thanks for the ride along!
  6. Nicely done. Tough caster to get to come out that nice.. you did a great job!!
  7. Nice job Ray. I've ridden in a 427. I cannot IMAGINE going 201. wow....
  8. absolutely stunning, Bruce. everything is right about it. You did a GREAT job...
  9. How cool is that!!?? I'll be watching! good work so far!
  10. Man Ray, You get em done faster than I can even look at em... Great Job too, BTW...
  11. Man, THOSE are some nice looking parts. Hope this comes to fruition. If they give us more goodies, we will (or at least I will) give em some of my money...
  12. That is a stunning piece. Considering the GMP 1/12 scale GT's and Cobras are around $900 and up, this seems like a bargain..
  13. well put Matt... I for one will definitely be in for one of the new 1/24 cars. even if I have to buy a photo etch upgrade kit, or swap a set of valve covers, some knock offs, and a carb from something else.... We, (even me) are nitpicking details that we will barely see sitting on a table 3 feet away. I see everything on a 27 monitor. even at 1/8 scale these details are twice life size or bigger I gotta believe that by the time we get these kits they will be just fine. The hobby is changing, we'll be OK...
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