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  1. I'm currently getting started on building the George Follmer 1970 Mustang Boss 302 Trans Am car. I'm using the Revell Boss 302 Mustang kit. My question is what rattle can spray paint is available to get the correct color for the body ? Hopefully something in the Tamiya line would be close.
  2. Has anybody tried using the AMT full front bumper 70 1/2 Camaro kit to make the Chaparral trans am car ? I am attempting do do it & am having problems finding a set of headers to fit. I'm using the 350 motor that comes with the kit & pretending it's a 302. It's a very tight fit between the engine block & the subframe rail. I also want to attempt to mount the battery in the heater delete area like the real car, but again there isn't much room. I'm working on modifying the floor pan & the dash as well.
  3. I am not familiar with flocking, but I have since read a couple of articles on how to do it. May have to try it.
  4. Finished the interior of my model. I used Uschi Truckers Delight decals. It is an assortment of decals primarily for guys who build semi truck & want to detail the interior. I used about 1/8 of the sheet of the burl pattern. Put down a coat of Testor wood color first, then the decal, then decal setter, & finished with a coat of Testor's dullcoat spray. I used the Model Master photoetched kit for the 68 firebird for the detail stuff.
  5. Thanks Swede, I followed your posts on the Camaro Research group page. You do some mighty fine work. I have looked on this site for some of your work, but haven't been able to find much yet. Sadly most of the pictures I have found of the #9 car are in black & white, so it's hard to tell the color of the door panels. I guess I'll go with black. I'm also working on the Titus 68 firebird red & white paint scheme. I just wish I could find decals for it. For years I have been building 1/43 can am cars & have now started branching out to 1/43 ^ 1/24 trans am cars.
  6. I can find some shots (color photo's) of the interior of the #6 1969 Camaro & know they are red, but I need to see the color of the door panels & the dash top on the #9 vinyl top car.. I'm working on the # 9 car with a resin body & a Revell Z 28 Camaro kit,
  7. Thanks I bought the one of ebay.
  8. Thanks for the help did you find a dash ? If not I have an extra.
  9. Looking for front & rear glass for a revell 1968 firebird.
  10. I found a site called Uschi & they offer a decal sheet called truckers delight that has 6 different burls. It's made for those who build semi trucks. I just ordered a set from Andy's Hobby Headquarter's.
  11. Thanks Casey. Looks like There may be some good tips in the articles. I've been practicing a bit, but not satisfied with my work so far. I did find a vinyl decal of burled wood that goes over a play station controller, but I think the scale is to big.
  12. Thanks for the reply I have tried to do simulate the burl pattern on some scrap sheet styrene, but as of yet I'm not happy with the results. Best effort so far has been to start with a medium brown & try to dab a darker brown over it.
  13. Any ideas on how to recreate or simulate the fake wood burl on the dashboard & the console ? I'm building a replica of my old 69 firebird. This pic shows the interior color of my old car.
  14. Does anybody make a decal set for the #26 1968 jerry titus firebird in 1/24 scale ? I started to build the Revell 68 firebird kit to resemble the # 8 titus firebird that ran in 69, but realized that car was a 69 with a 68 front end & many other body mods. Trying to do the mods is beyond my skill set, so I thought of making the 68 instead.
  15. Sorry I misunderstood you. I would like that hood. I sent you an email yesterday with my address.
  16. Probably not. It was a bondo special when I bought it. I paid $500.00 for it, drove it for almost 3 years & sold it for $500.00 when I bought a 69 firebird.
  17. I built this from a MPC 1967 1/2 Firebird kit that a friend of mine gifted me with about 8 years ago. It is a faithful rendition of the car I drove from about mid 1976 til late 1979. It had a painted on fake vinyl roof. Mags came from a junk yard. Motor (326 2 barrel) was chained to the frame because of a broken motor mount. It had a removable AM/FM cassette deck mounted under the glove box with a 4 speaker sound system. It also had a Hi Gain CB radio (CB's were a big thing back then). I used a detail master photoetched detail set on this model & masking tape vinyl roof. Now I am building
  18. To all that have tried to help me out THANK YOU I have now seen the error in my thinking.
  19. Jack Ya know being old & sometimes confused I didn't really understand that you were offering one from a original 67 kit. Yes PLEASE I would like that hood. Some years back I built the 1967 1/2 MPC Firebird kit to represent my 67 firebird that I owned back in the late 70's early 80's. I went over to the shelf, took the hood off, tried it on the 69 AMT Firebird kit I am building & it fit PERFECT!!!. I will send you my address ASAP & THANK YOU. Casey thanks for pointing out my error. Being new to the board it looks like I have a lot to learn.
  20. I tried modifying the stock 400 hood & it was a disaster.. My filing & sanding skills need improvement.
  21. Thanks for the offer, but I have the 67/68 hood already. Putting the kit aside for a bit & starting on something else now. Gonna build a 69 Penske Camaro
  22. Thanks for your help. I too saw that for sale I have 3 of the hoods pictured in the sale. I am still going to try & modify what I have, but have put the kit aside for a while & starting on something else.
  23. I think that is the same as the AMT kit I am working with. Just a different box. I tried to take the scoops off & it wasn't a pretty sight when i finished.
  24. That's a good idea, but I'm afraid I'm not that talented.
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