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  1. Or perhaps just add duel cams and supercharge the the Royale engine. I came up with this for my LSR Bug.
  2. It isn't that apparent from this angle but the front/door end is rounded too. I thought that maybe the Bowuls Papoose was just a nickname for the trailer. It was at the LGS historic races some years ago. Thanks for the info Tom.
  3. It does have a hitch but that would you tow it with? Certainly not your average IH pickup, maybe a Chrysler Town and Country?
  4. Certainly possible. I wonder if Tory has the original artwork files for the decals?
  5. Sweeet that is Wonderful it would be so much fun to travel in! Just hope it is under 14'. The presentation box itself is just treasure too.
  6. Very Cool! Even if the casting is a bit rough it is a great starting point. It is a monster though. I have one of Fernando's Bluebird Proteus and it is pretty darn big. The Etzel Stutz Black Hawk is a gem and mine is a valued part of my collection. Thanks for the share.
  7. Ah Ha.. an Italian equivalent of R&T. Thanks!
  8. Coming to this discussion Way Late but thanks for sharing. Even a ragged mold would be good to have in hand... Hint hint. I am toying with an old Wen Mac Spirit, the worse part is the jet intakes need severe make overs. And of course need a source for decals. Thanks again for sharing!
  9. In my experience the Tamiya will crackle over time even on their own paint base.
  10. This second I just chanced upon while surfing the net. This guy found the original and is or was restoring it. What I want to know is what is involved in the Puppet Rodeo!
  11. What Fun! I've always had a fascination with metal trailers, and Deco Liners though they aren't in my line of builds. Thanks for all the shares. Here are a couple of inspirational subjects that have caught my fancy. First is a trailer I saw at the LGS Historic races. I don't really think it is a Bugatti buy who knows?
  12. Thanks for sharing your fantastic collection CL. Some real gems. I love the little blue Alpha coupe by QR and the Spirit of America! I am attempting to repurpose an old Wen Mac Spirit that come close to 1/24th but would really wish there were one available done properly. Your photo has some good reference potential. Pardon my silly question but for us uninitiated what is the QR brand? Thanks again.
  13. From where I sit the engine turned decals look pretty good. This is one of those things that I wish BMF (Bare Metal Foil) would put out is a good 1/25/25th da machine finish. The movie is definitely worth watching.
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