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  1. Really sharp. I know a guy who has a real 30 coupe that looks very similar!
  2. I can imagine that car with a trunk full of 'shine!
  3. Looks good! I'm currently working on the 1/12 scale version.
  4. That looks good! Thanks for the tutorial.
  5. This is a great looking little A. Could you be more specific about your modifications to the wheel wells? One of the reasons I haven't built this kit was because of the wheel wells. Just curious on what you did to remedy it.
  6. Nice! Where did you get the BRM wheels? I have a 1:1 65 Beetle with BRMs I'd like to build a model of it.
  7. At home in the display case with a 47 Chevy tow vehicle.
  8. Momma and the baby sleep off and on all day, I can’t really nap anymore at my age, and the “daddy couch” in the room is one step up from a park bench in relation to comfort… and they need quiet so no TV. This was the perfect quiet activity . Thanks for the tip about the prop rod, I’ll have a look see. I thought about just gluing a nickel to the underside front of the trailer for counterbalance. I was very impressed with the kit, the detail and photo etched parts included.
  9. Almost done. Decals are wrinkled and all the tiny parts were finicky but it was fun and helped pass the time. We will probably go home this morning. I highly recommend a box stock build to pass the time if you’re in the hospital, vacation etc…
  10. Update… going together. Bummer the trailer isn’t balanced on it’s own
  11. My wife and I are in the hospital for a few days because we welcomed our 5th child, a son. Since I’m an old pro at this after 4 other births I decided to plan ahead for the boredom that would ensue. I pulled a kit off the shelf that I would build box-stock. I grabbed the Revell Kurtis V8-60 Midget. I did all the major spray painting a couple of days ago so it all had time to dry. (Tamiya lacquer) then prepared a small tool box with the essentials, hobby knife, glue, paint brushes and a bunch of the small testors bottles of paint. The nurse seemed impressed I brought a project to work on. After the birth and everyone was asleep I started in. Man is this fun! And, what a great kit! Here some progress pics. Pre-painting at home: Hospital tables make a great workbench!
  12. Clean build. I have painted countless models with Testors Black. Always comes out smooth and shiny.
  13. No it has a small block Chevy, but it’s still has the stock 39 box and banjo rear end. It’s a great driver.
  14. Guys I have a vision to build a pre-war custom out of a Monogram 34 Ford kit. In order to complete my vision it needs a 2 41 Lincoln front bumpers. I can’t justify buying two kits for these bumpers. Anyone have at least one lying around? If I could get one I might buy a kit for the other, but they are pricey on eBay. It’s the Monogram 41 Lincoln Continental kit. Thanks!
  15. Don’t know? I may have blown it off with the clear or it came off wet sanding.
  16. Killer fab work! Can't wait for the update.
  17. Yes sir, chopped it meeself. I didn't plan for this to happen but the windshield frame from the Orange Crate kit perfectly in my chopped top. Thanks for the kind words!
  18. I saw this Hasegawa kit on eBay and had to have it. It was a bit pricey, ($52 + shipping) but I thought the decals were killer and have always been a fan of Moon. I now know there are several versions of the Mooneyes bus kit, including a panel van and another variation of the decals and paint scheme on another 23 window. I didn't stick with the paint scheme on the box, and I slammed it with Parts by parks moon discs. The kit came with pot metal moon discs but they looked terrible. The kit is a curbside, no engine detail or door panels, etc, however I think this kit may also be available as a full kit, since the doors can be easily opened but there were no hinges included. I will say they body was one of the most crisp and accurate I've seen. I've only built one other Japanese kit before, and they are next level. Paint is Tamiya Pearl Yellow and Black. Wetsanded and polised with 3M Perfect-it 3 stage compound and polish. One more thing: I have read the threads about Testor's wet look clear and the problems people have been having but It had never happened to me.... UNTIL NOW. DO NOT USE! Especially on dark colors, bubbling that won't colorsand out. Took some fancy footwork to fix all the issues with the clearcoat.
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