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  1. Dang Dennis that thing is wild! But yet restrained. There is a fine line between cool and ugly on these 60s radical customs, and you are nailing the balance. I love the slicks and roll cage on a custom!
  2. A 46 Pontiac with a 460 Ford motor, AMC pacer front end, built by some Missouri Hillbillies. No offense to any hillbillies reading this. I have a picture of it somewhere. It was all rusty, and it was built way before "patina" was cool.
  3. Thank you Tim, I've been drooling over your builds in SAE since I was a kid. Thanks! That's high praise! Thank you to everyone else who shared kind words. Maybe one day I'll build a 1:1 32 Roadster.
  4. Beautiful! Nice clean build.
  5. This is a tribute to the McGee/Scritchfield/Meyer 32 Roadster. It’s not an exact replica, but close. Many thanks to Ed at Drag City castings for the top. It’s his piece that inspired the entire build. Built from a Revell 32 roadster mostly box stock with the dash, windshield and grille insert from the 32 Rat Roadster kit. Flathead from the 32 sedan kit, and complete front suspension from the Revell Model A roadster, as well as wheels and tires from the same kit. 50 Pontiac tail lights from the 32 5w kit. The hood was the most challenging, I grafted in louvers for the ho
  6. Looking forward to this build. Blasphemi is a pretty straightforward drag car, and shouldn't be too difficult to recreate. The only challenge might be printing off the decals. Which version are you doing? Current with the gold roof and blower, or original, all black with stack injection? Either way it'll be cool.
  7. TRADITIONAL HOT RODS AND KUSTOMS!!!! With a few racing kits, NASCAR and sprint car stuff occasionally. I'm not sure if I could even attempt building a stock vehicle unless my life depended on it.
  8. It's really hit and miss for me. When the pandemic hit, I hadn't touched a model build in 2-3 years. Since March of 2020 I have cranked out 6 builds! As for day to day, I get on kicks where I'll work everyday but sometimes I'll go a week without doing anything. I'm married with 4 little kids and a full-time job, so it varies.
  9. Nice chop! I applaud your effort on the rear window, looks good! But I have seen several 1:1 Tudors and Coupes chopped like yours where they laid the roof forward and the rear window was left stock height. I didn't chop mine, but here's the 1:1 Tudor I built a few years ago...
  10. I'm really glad someone brought this thread back up again.... incredible! And, I've always wanted to put an Offy in something. Where did you get that motor?
  11. NICE VWs! I really want to get back working on it, but we are staying in a rental home because our house flooded due to a burst pipe. And, my house is not close to the rental place we're staying. Hopefully I'll get some time to work on it this summer.
  12. I'm pretty terrible at build threads, I did one for a 1:1 40 sedan on the HAMB a few years ago, did a lot better with that one. For some reason I don't remember to take pictures of what I'm doing.. anywho... here is a spy shot of the McGee Roadster. I'll probably finish it and post a new thread in the on the shelf section at this point.
  13. I don't sand the color coat, too much chance for it to look uneven, or wear through to plastic which will then show when you clear it. Put LOTS of coats of clear on it. Mostly light coats, then end with a couple heavy ones trying your best to not have any runs. Then you can wet sand it. That thick layer of clear will flatten out nicely, then polish. When I polish I use 3M Perfect-it 3 stage. Good stuff, but pricey.
  14. I was there too. The "polish victory lap" is what they called it. I believe it was his first win.
  15. That T is nice! The nail is beautifully detailed. Where did you get the Cal Custom scoops?
  16. Love it! 66 was my dad's favorite year of Cadillac, he had several of them.
  17. Mike, that's some sick paintwork! Can't wait to see this one finished.
  18. My House of Kolor Candy Pagan Gold 1/8 scale Big Deuce. The tires on this build are from my dad's original issue kit that he built as a kid in the early 60's.
  19. Nice! I don’t think I have a sure enough hand for individual rows, and I have the same problem with the grafted piece not having the right curve to match the hood top. Quick primer mock up:
  20. Coat of primer so I can see the places that need attention. It’s turning out a lot better than I thought! I’ve logged several hours in this hood so far..
  21. The hood top is kind of a mess, my excuse is that I’ve never grafted in louvers before. But, I have a spare hood just in case, so I’m pushing onward to see if I can fix it. The louvers for the good top are not the correct size as the 1:1, but it’s the best I can do. I used a hood side from the roadster kit and filed a few off to make the correct pattern
  22. There’s a better video of it on YouTube on Jay Leno’s garage. https://youtu.be/_eqiSoO3zPI
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