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  1. That Silverado is nice!!!! Everybody's builds are super cool. I haven't had too much time to do any building. Some unfortunate stuff happened a couple of weeks ago and now getting my mind right before I go back to work.
  2. First update of the build. I've finally started cleaning up parts and all the fun stuff before paint. Using the 06 Camaro kit and using the engine from the Tim Richmond Folgers Monte Carlo. I wanted to use different headers, but my spare parts are limited since I've been building only 6 years now. So I decided to cut the crappy catalytic converters off of the Camaro exhaust so the Nascar headers will fit. Had to cut a little bit of the frame for everything to fit decent. I'll probably keep the stock wheels on it and try to lower it just a little. Colors for the body and interior are undecided
  3. Nice work to everybody getting stuff done!!!! I sat and stared at the IMSA Mustang for days with a few ideas, but I've never done any scratch building whatsoever. I threw it to the side and started on the 06 Camaro with an old 86 Nascar engine. I still have a few months to do stuff.
  4. Thanks a lot. Its too much hahahahaha. I don't know if I really want to spend like a 100 bucks just on fittings and lines.
  5. Is there somebody on here that could help me out with hose sizes and fittings? I'm planning on building one of my dad's old 1/16 front engine dragster. I have some really good reference photos, just don't know where to begin with the hoses and all the detail stuff.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. @NOBLNG the paint is Testors Teal in the square bottles. And before anybody calls me out, YES I did put the Camaro emblem on the door instead of the fender. The decal is off now and it's just a smooth panel
  7. Thanks a lot @misterNNL. I'm trying to get a bit better with each build and add a couple of new details
  8. Well, this is the first model I've completed since joining the forum. Just a box stock build with extra decals. Some weathering with earth tones chalk. I dropped it and knocked the spoiler off while I was doing the final wipe down. Not perfect, but I like the way it came out
  9. Thanks everybody for the welcome. I look forward to showing some stuff off and learning more. I'd like to learn how to detail a lot better
  10. Well here it goes...... I'm new to the group, but have been modeling for around 6 years now. Almost 40 years old. My job is a meat cutter aka greasy butcher. Other hobbies of mine are fishing and sim racing. I live in Virginia. I have always been into cars and racing. No Nascar anymore. More of a dirt racing, rally, road racing fanatic. I've built a variety of 1/24 scale cars so far in the rookie years of my modeling life. I entered my first contest last year, but have been to that same contest 5 years before that. Didn't place or anything, but got very positive feedback from some people. Here
  11. Well, I guess I'm not gonna be shy and enter this in this year's build off. I have no idea how I'm even going to make it into a concealed street legal car.
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