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  1. I'm impressed that you guys can remember the first model you built. I don't have a clue what my first one was, but I do remember a lot of them that I built. I see those kits now and it takes me back. Here are a couple from my collection with yesteryear's prices. Ernst was a hardware store in the area I grew up. Of course, the other is Kmart. Oh yeah, to have $200 in my pocket and go back in time.
  2. I built my own down draft spray booth using a Jenn-Air range exhaust fan that I removed when I remodeled my kitchen. It's very quiet and powerful. I can rattle can or air brush enamels 8 feet away from my wife in our hobby room and she doesn't smell the paint. Therefore I'm always able to spray at room temperature. But as has been pointed out in prior posts, these things are nothing more than an exhaust fan, so they are always going to pull air out of the room and along with that, dust and hair. Running the fan for a while first, a quick spray, and then covering with a plastic tub seems t
  3. Yeah, what he said. I'm not retired yet. Winter provides some time, but when spring hits it's rare to sit down at the bench. I have too much 1:1 rolling stock to maintain, and 2 acres of grass and shrubs, beds etc. to keep up with. In retirement I hope to have a routine similar to Tony's above.
  4. Beautiful Pete. Very nicely done, you nailed the look.
  5. Very cool Dodge. I love these unique subjects, and you did an outstanding job.
  6. Wow, that's really neat. The vegetation in the engine compartment and interior look great. This one is fun to look at.
  7. Bill, did you 3d print the grill? I'm really curious how you made it. It looks very accurate. I've owned a couple of '69 Ford pickups myself. Also curious about the exhaust, did you make that? If so, what is your technique for bending the tubing? I need to make similar exhaust for my '64 C20 project.
  8. Outstanding job on that Galaxie. It does look beautiful in that red. Your paint and foil work are excellent. I've had one of these in my stash for a very long time. This makes me want to get it out and build it. Too many WIPs already, and now it's spring and little model time.
  9. Very nice looking International. I agree with others, the eagle is amazing, and overall the paint is very nice.
  10. Beautiful, clean build on that Valiant.
  11. Great idea on the mixing cups. That's a "Why didn't I think of that?" moment.
  12. Speaking just for myself, I wish they would put the service body on an F250 chassis. It's not very realistic to put a service body on a half-ton due to the weight of the body and contents. And as far as that goes, it would be nice to see the F250 4x4 highboy as well. Yes, I know the conversion is available via aftermarket, but at a price.
  13. Since pickups were included earlier... it's hard to beat the Diamond T, in my opinion.
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