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  1. I've had great experience with them, including a pretty complex order with over 40 items, 100% correct. Shipping was pretty quick. I haven't ran into the "out-of-stock" issue though.
  2. Reading all of these complaints about TV commercials reminds me of why we haven't turned our TV on in 3 years. TV is just another step in the "dumbification" and downgrading of America. I also think the content on TV today is as annoying and useless as the commercials. I am a much more content person without that noise box blaring every night.
  3. Very nice, creative restoration of an old build. There is some historical significance to builds done by kids in days gone by. You did a great job preserving the character of the original build while correcting some flaws adding a personal touch.
  4. Beautiful job on that restoration. Nice to see some "before" pictures. You succeeded in building a stunning recreation.
  5. Hey Johnny, thank you for sharing your trucking memories. I enjoy the stories of how trucking was decades ago. Like many things, it ain't the same today. It's great to see these old truck models being reproduced.
  6. That is such an awesome subject and a stunning build. The color choice and details on the dump body are fantastic. It's just fun to look at. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Nice looking woody. A very clean build and excellent color choice.
  8. This is the best kind of project, something meaningful and nostalgic to the builder. You are doing a fantastic job on this conversion. It's apparent that you are putting a lot of heart and soul into this build.
  9. That's awesome... a flash from the past. I love the "Fred G" touch. Well done!
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