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  1. Thanks guys. When I finished it, I promised myself I'd build another but this time with a lot more added detail................. it's still waiting to be done!!!!! 😄
  2. Sorry I'm late to the party John. It may have taken a long time, it may have a lot of hoses and it may have had it's problems but my word you have made a cracking job of it and you should give yourself a pat on the back. If mine turns out as good, I'll be a happy chappie indeed. Well done!👍👍👍
  3. Thanks all. Your kind comments keep this old geezer going. 👍
  4. Hi Bill, Ah! I hadn't noticed that the box art I posted is the recent Tamiya/Ebbro colaboration. Mine is the original Tamia kit: Glad to have you on board.
  5. Thanks Jim. I had real fun doing this one.
  6. Welcome to the forum Mark. mI'm new here myself. Show us some of your work.
  7. This 'Thing' was borne out of a completley failed Tamiya Porsche 962c kit. Nothing went right on the build and it seemed like everytime I touched it, something else went wrong. So I tossed it back in the box and chalked it up to experience. Then, an idea formed in my warped brain cell. It's a wacky sort of Mad Max meets Dick Dastardly, in the wake of a nuclear apocalypse, 'defend' your self against the mutants' vehicle. Nothing was measured, everything was 'imagineered' and left a little 'rough around the edges' to get the effect I wanted. This is the kit:
  8. This is the sequel to my Panzer II. 'Luchs'. (Retreat from Leningrad') diorama Another absolute blast doing this one and more fresh learning. This time the tank is Tamiya's Panzer Kampfwagen II Ausf. F/G, the base and wall are from Field of Glory Models, the crew are Mini Art's German Tank Repair Crew and the equipment is Italeri's Field Tool Shop. I completley botched up the connections at the tops of the gas bottles and had to make my own. I also made and added the hoses and substituted the welding torch for a better one from a Fujimi Garage Tools kit There were
  9. Nice work John, shame about the warped top panel. Thanks for your advice on my tub too. In light of your problem with the top body panel maybe I won't attempt to break mine apart after all. Looking forward to your next update.
  10. Not being happy with the colour of the transaxle, I changed it to Gunmetal which I believe is much closer to the 1:1.
  11. Now that is a neat trick which I definitely will be using at some point in the future. Thanks fo sharing with us.👍
  12. Gerald, no it didn't come with the motorised bits but it still has the battery compartment. The kit instructions are dated 1998. Made a start on the engine. Tamiya's callout for the transaxle colour is black but in most of the photos I've seen of the !;1, It's more of a charcoal colour. So I did it with Alclad Burnt Iron..... still looks a bit black though. Will see what I can do to change that later. Tamiya also supplies red wire for the HT leads whereas most of the photos I've researched show yellow plug leads. I don't have any yellow wire of the correct diameter so have settl
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